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Where to Vacation With College Kids

take them on an all inclusive resort
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If you are wondering which age group of children are the most difficult to organize an enjoyable vacation with the answer might be college kids – even more so than toddlers going through the terrible twos! The problem is that college kids have surpassed the point of being happy to do things with Mom and Dad.

Traveling around with Mom and Dad is decidedly uncool and poses a threat to their reputation. It’s not to say that they’ve stopped caring about family time, but rather they want to visit destinations where they can enjoy their own independence and periods of alone time. With all things considered, there are a number of destinations that perfectly suit college kids.

Take Them to Europe

A cultural melting pot and a broad range of diverse and unique nationalities living close to each other within a relatively small area, Europe offers virtually everything that the college kid could dream of. From the opportunity to dust off their language skills, to fascinating history, quaint architecture, and unique boutique stores there really is something for everyone. Europe is also relatively easy to get around., With many budget airlines available, traveling around Europe is completely affordable even on a tight budget. One day you could be eating moussaka and sipping ouzo by the Parthenon in Athens, the next, you could be lounging beneath a private cabana by the sea in Spain, or wandering the grounds of a breathtaking chateau in France. Regardless of your kids’ interests or personality types, they will certainly be excited to take a trip to Europe. Since the continent consists of so many different countries, you could all sit down together and establish where each family member would like to visit.

Go to An All Inclusive Resort

Heading to an all inclusive resort or finding a beach getaway deal is the perfect way to go if you enjoy being pampered to within an inch of your life, and want to keep an eye on your children without suffocating them or imposing on their space and independence. You can be assured that you kids are safe in the confines of the resort. The family can enjoy time together exploring the local towns, and apart surfing, going to the beach, or tanning by the poolside.

Take Them to New Orleans

With live jazz musicians occupying every restaurant and street corner, New Orleans is a music lover’s paradise. It’s also a great place to discover different cultures and styles without leaving the United States. You and your kids can enjoy experimenting with Creole classics like beignets, jambalaya and homemade gumbo. If your kids aren’t 21 yet, you can still find many places to enjoy live music and the beautiful sunsets while sipping virgin pina coladas. There is also a lot to enjoy in the area surrounding New Orleans as well. For example, your kids can visit the swamps, explore wild Louisiana, and take tours down the bayou. If your kids are interested in volunteering, New Orleans is a great place, as there are many initiatives that you can get involved with together.
One note about New Orleans is that some areas of the city can be prone to crime, so be cautious about letting your kids venture off alone at night.

Take Them to California

A California road trip is on just about every college kid’s bucket list. Cruising along the 101, beneath the California sun, making stops at hidden beaches and nature spots along the Big Sur and one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world is the stuff of dreams. You can make your California journey as action packed or as laid back as you and your kids desire. You can spend two or three weeks traveling the length of the Golden State, from San Diego in the South to San Francisco and Monterey in the North, or you can spend the duration of your trip relaxing in Orange County. It’s unlikely that your kids will complain either way.

Consider a Hiking Adventure

Do your kids enjoy the great outdoors? Do they love when a long, winding trail through dense woodland opens out to a majestic waterfall several stories high, or overlooks a cliff face with breathtaking views of the valley below? A hiking trip may be the perfect way to fuel their sense of adventure and strengthen your family bond. There are infinite options available when it comes to hiking trips too. You could be like the real life Indiana Jones and hike the various trails of Petra, Jordan, or you could opt to go more local and organize a hiking and camping expedition through one of the beautiful national parks in the US such as Angel’s Landing hike at Zion, or the hike to plateau point at the Grand Canyon. Completing the hikes together will fill you all with a sense of accomplishment.

Planning a vacation with your college-aged kids may seem like a daunting task, but by fueling their sense of adventure and providing them with some independence you can plan a vacation that the whole family will enjoy.

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