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What Can I Write in 250 Words??

Written by CB Experts

If you are applying to college and have to respond to a writing prompt that limits you to 150, 200, or 250 words, you may wrinkle your brow and wonder whatever you can say in that little space!

Well, College Basics’ section on seven ways to make your college application essay stand out is very helpful along with our new e-book about writing all the different kinds of college application essays!

 Also, in the Education Life Section of The New York Times, Samantha Stainburn looks at words of wisdom written for a 250 word application essay. Here you will be able to read four prompts and four responses that say it all, and you can also see the comments admissions professionals have made about these short essays. All four are examples from Tufts applications which are supplemental essays offered to those non-admits for a second chance, and they are designed to reveal one of four aspects the college is looking for in its applicants. Still, you will get to see how the short essay can be done well and what is revealed even in just a few sentences.

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