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What Employers Want from College Grads

Written by CB Experts

Employers are interested in skills. The first skill they look for is knowledge in their area of employment, what you learned at your university. That’s what gets you on the door.

But, there are other skills learned from a university experience beyond the classroom that can be helpful for employment.

Here are other skills employers want in people they hire and how your college years can help you develop them.

Clean Social Media – If your mother doesn’t want to see it, neither does your future employer. They are looking for mature and professional. Have fun in college, but don’t overdo it…, and certainly don’t publicize it.
Confidence – Confidence is not arrogance, so, again, develop mature confidence. Learn to offer a good hand shake and look people in the eye. Interacting with faculty and other adults on campus can help you develop confidence.
A Good Attitude – Be positive. Trying, not accepting bad grades, going to classes that are not your favorite, meeting new people, and attempting new things during your college years can help you acquire a good attitude.
People Skills – Employees should work as a team. Being friendly and getting along with people helps. Take part in campus activities and join organizations to develop interpersonal skills which will help you when finding your future employment.
Creativity – Robots can do lots of jobs, but it takes people to innovate and problem solve. Try new things in college, explore your campus and the geography around it, take new courses, and meet new groups of people to develop your creative side while in college.

Make sure to study and learn in college, but don’t forget your personal development.  Maturity, responsibility, and interpersonal skills can also be a part of the college experience beyond the classroom.

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