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What Happens If I am Not Accepted to My Early Decision School?

Written by CB Experts

It is a new year and you should have a new perspective. So you didn’t get Early Decision? All is certainly not lost!

What is Early Decision?

First, everyone should know what Early Decision is and what it isn’t. Early Decision allows potential students to apply to their first choice school early. If they are accepted, they are accepted it is a binding commitment to the school and all other applications must be withdrawn.Learn more about Early Decision here.

Early Decision is competitive

There is life after hard competition. Often you will receive a deferral. If this is the case, you have a good chance of being admitted regularly with less competition, but College Basics seriously advises you to send a letter to the college emphasizing your desire to attend and your fit with the school, as well as sending along any new grades and accomplishments you have had since applying.

There are also many good schools out there. In fact, how did you ever choose just one best school, anyway? Now is the time to seek out other campuses and new horizons. Have teachers, counselors, and parents recheck your application materials. You now have the opportunity to fine tune and re-send. Good luck.

Finally, don’t forget that you may now have better opportunity for financial aid. Recheck your FAFSA and aim high.

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