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What If You Get an Early Decision Deferral?

Written by CB Experts

If you applied for Early Decision in November, December was when you heard whether or not you were accepted or deferred. For those of you who applied in the second round for Early Decision, you will hear this month. What does deferral mean and what can you do about it?

First, deferral means a college is not willing to assure you an up-front spot in the in-coming First-year class, but it also has not denied you admission. What has happened is that your application will now be considered in comparison to the regular pool of applications. So don’t lose hope!

There are some things you can do to boost your chances for an acceptance.

  • It is best to really dig in and assure yourself of getting good semester grades. Your Early Decision application was based only on your first quarter grades, but now that you’re among the regular pool of applicants, it will be your first semester grades that will count.
  • You can supplement your application with an additional SUPER recommendation by another writer if you have one in mind.
  • You can write an additional essay or letter to the admissions office stating why you want to go to this school and why you are a good fit with this school. Just don’t beg.
  • You should continue to update your file with newly-won honors, medals, or accomplishments.

You should not become a pest at the admissions office, but you should also be sure to assert yourself and be an advocate for yourself when it is reasonable and practical. Your acceptance can still happen, but there are also other applications to be made and other schools that will want you.

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