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What to Do if a Medical Emergency Happens at College

Written by CB Experts

College students are usually covered by their parents’ health care insurance and colleges offer low-cost medical plans for older students. Many college campuses also have adequate health centers where the basic student ills and mishaps can be taken care of while students are on campus, near classes and friends.

But, sometimes there are medical emergencies: accidents, emergency conditions, broken bones, or a need for surgery. It’s then that many students like to have Mom hold their hand, and Mom and Dad want to be near, too. This may also be a time when you want the best hospital for your son or daughter. You should know, however, that your medical insurance will only cover transport when medically necessary to the nearest hospital.

Now there is a way to insure that during those college years students who have major medical issues can be transported home without paying the exorbitant fees out-of-pocket for air or ground ambulances. Air ambulances can range from $6,000 to $25,000, and ground transport also ranges in the low thousands of dollars. If students can not be transported to a hospital near their parents, parents may have to come to them, incurring travel, hotel, food, and even loss-of-job costs.

MedjetAssist transports students for one flat fee. Fees are annual and can range from $195 for one student in a local area to $595 for a student studying overseas. For that flat rate all medical costs for transport are free when and if you need them. They include a mobile intensive care air flight, an EMT and a nurse, and a doctor if the condition is critical. They will fly anywhere as long as the admittance is approved beforehand.

So think about a one-time or a four-year flat fee that can insure that  in times of emergencies and stress, children can be home with their parents and local doctors or they can be quickly transported to the best medical facility for their care. Students who go off for a semester abroad, who go on a spring break trip, for student athletes or for students who may fall and break a leg MedjetAssist may be the best way to make sure your students is well taken care of and near you for the least cost.

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