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Why Don’t Low-income Students Go to Selective Colleges?

Written by CB Experts

I bet you think the answer is because they can’t afford it! Wrong!

In May (2013) Matthew Yglesias wrote that the case is just the opposite. He cites research that shows of low-income students who have test scores in the top quartile of standardized college tests (the SAT and the ACT), those who apply to selective colleges are as likely to be admitted as students from much higher income brackets; and those low-income kids are also as likely to enroll and graduate, too.

It’s not a question of cost. Parents and students of high achieving students should recognize that selective colleges are rich and can help students of low-income families with scholarships and grants. Selective colleges’ tuition costs might actually be lower than the tuition costs of less selective colleges.

So, what is the problem? Knowledge! Low income families need to be more aware of :

• What SAT or ACT scores are high enough to make there student eligible for a selective college,
• Which selective colleges are most likely to offer merit aid,
• About need-blind admissions policies, and
• How to distribute their college applications between “reach schools” and “safety schools.”

Low-income students with good college test scores NEED (to) APPPLY!

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