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Top Reasons Why Online Courses Are So Popular Among College Students in New Zealand

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Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of people’s lives today, and for the better. What was previously thought of as impossible, is now doable. One of the industries that has been shaped by technology is the world of academics. Gone are the days when going to a physical classroom was the only way for you to earn a degree. In all levels of learning, your home or your personal preferred space can now be your classroom.

That being said, here are some of the main reasons why online courses in NZ or other areas are becoming very popular, even among college students:

1. It Offers A Wider Variety Of Courses

Especially for college students who are looking for a more specialized field of study, it can be hard to find a university that offers it, especially if you are coming from a small town. Hence, the tendency is for them to have to go to another city for them to obtain their degree. This can add significantly to the cost of education. Even if they are going to be working while studying, there is the added cost of staying in an apartment or dormitory.

If finances aren’t a problem, then this might not be a big concern. But if you are struggling a bit on the finance department, it is highly advisable to study online courses instead. That way, you can save on the costs of traveling to and from a distance or paying for rent to obtain your degree. You can study even right at your parents’ house.

2. It Is More Convenient And Flexible

Studying entails sacrifice, and while some have it the easy way, others need to juggle a job on the side just to put themselves through college. This can be a lot more complicated if you have a fixed schedule to adhere to at the university. You are left with very little freedom to work if you add up your time to study.

With online courses, you are offered a more convenient and more flexible study option. The course modules are there for you to complete on your own time. Hence, you can work out a better schedule that can also accommodate your job.

3. It Is Cheaper

When you factor in all the costs that are involved in studying, many add-ons can spike the prices up a bit. In traditional learning, you have to pay for the utilities of the school like the classroom, maintenance, and whatnot. If you live far away, you have to spend on your residence while on campus. Add up to that your allowance for meals, and traditional studying can be very expensive.

With online courses, there are many more opportunities for study, especially for those who are struggling financially. The base tuition is often cheaper because you will only have to pay for the salaries of the instructors on the video and the course itself. You will no longer have to pay for miscellaneous university fees. Because you will be studying from home most of the time, you can spend less for food allowance, too. And because you have more time and freedom to earn, every dollar that you get from your job can also be maximized for your online class tuition.

4. It Gives You A Strong Resume

As mentioned earlier, technology is shaping the way the world is today. The same goes for employment opportunities. Employers are always on the hunt for potential employees who are digital-savvy. They want employees that know their way around computers and the way technology works. When your resume includes that you have studied through online education, it can be more or less assumed that you are good with technology, too.

5. It Offers A More Comfortable Learning Environment

Students aren’t created equally. Some students are comfortable being in a big class, while others are more of the introvert type. If you put introverts in a big class, the tendency is that these students are going to stay uncomfortable the whole time. Also, there is nothing more comfortable than studying (and even working) from your home! It takes less effort to prepare yourself for your classes, you don’t have to go through traffic jams, and neither will you miss out on some quality family time.


Taking a college degree brings you one step closer towards achieving your goals and your dreams. For many, the journey isn’t as easy. They have to juggle work, or perhaps parenthood, or whatever other personal struggles they may have. These make going to a physical classroom harder for them. All thanks to technology, learning can now be made more accessible. With numerous institutions offering online courses, the opportunities are now at your fingertips.

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