Admission News

Winning College Acceptance

There are definite criteria for acceptance to a college, and it’s not a mystery. First, a student needs to be qualified in academic and extracurricular achievement, talent, and character. Also, admissions wants students with personality who will fit into the balance of their campus community.

There are “softer” criteria, too, that admissions looks for: passion, intellectual curiosity, enthusiastic energy, maturity, and leadership. Many students meet these qualifications, especially at competitive colleges. So, what, on top of all of the above, makes an applicant stand out? See below.

Academic Excellence
• You need good grades, but good grades in challenging courses, like AP and Honors classes. Colleges want to see a thirst for learning and not for grades.
• Class rank is also important, but colleges will make sure your class rank compares well with other high school rankings.
• Test scores offer a standard of measurement as every applicant takes standardized college entrance tests. You want to be in the upper level of scores for the college you apply to.

Out-of-School Distinction
• You need extracurricular depth. It is not enough to be in everything. Colleges want to see you focus your interests and become involved enough to be a contributing part of an activity.
• Community service shows compassion and commitment. It also shows character, that you think beyond yourself. Community service can also open more doors to scholarships.
• Work shows initiative and work ethic. Summer jobs, internships, and starting your own business are good ways to demonstrate you are an exceptional candidate for college.

What Is Beyond the Application
• Recommendations from teachers, employers, and coaches confirm what your application states.
• Interviews can tell the college if you have interpersonal skills and maturity. You also reveal your personality in an interview.
• Essays show how thoughtfully you express yourself, and the voice in your essay can demonstrate the type of person you are.

And, Other
Other things that can be decisive for admission are
• diversity: ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic.
• If you have legacy, or if you can fill out a college athletic team, you will be noticed.
• Finally, if you demonstrate you have overcome an adversity, a college may feel you will be a successful student.

You are not only numbers (grades and scores) to college admissions. You are a person who should demonstrate both that you have the necessary qualifications and that you are a comprehensive candidate with interests, character, reputation, and work ethic.