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6 Winter Date Ideas For College Couples

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The winter season is always a magical time of the year. When everything turns to white, it’s as if your city is transformed into an entirely new place. Establishments, homes, hotels, restaurants, and stores all have that cozy feel to it. It’s finally that time of year for you to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in your pajamas while you stay warm.

For college sweethearts, it’s an excellent time for you to go out for a date or two. Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay in every single day. It’s always nice to maximize your time with family and friends, but it’s obviously important to make time to go on that winter date with the love of your life.

Whether you’ve got a stockpile of money saved up for this season or if you’re on a budget, there are still many awesome winter date night ideas for you to enjoy.

1. Skiing

Ski resorts aren’t always open the whole year-round, so when the winter season finally comes along, it’s time to make the most out of it. Whether you’re both athletic and outdoor individuals or not, there’s always a lot to enjoy while skiing. If you’re both first-timers, it can still be a fun experience too.

2. Ice Skating

For a more relaxed activity, ice-skating is an excellent option. During the winter season many rinks are open for everyone to enjoy. It’s a place for you both to relieve your childhood wonders, laugh, and potentially fall down together and laugh at each other while you fall. To make the experience even more fun, you may want to go with other couples as well.

3. Attend A Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

During the winter season, downtown areas and malls usually have giant outdoor Christmas trees on display. These Christmas trees are a far cry from anything ordinary. They’re designed and built to be as magical as they can be. If you’ve got the time, you may want to check the schedule when the Christmas tree lighting ceremonies happen.

It’s a unique date idea for you to bring your loved one. Watching the Christmas lights unfold and shine for the very first time right before your eyes is a winter experience like no other.

4. Go To The Mall

If you rarely go to the mall with your loved one, now’s the time for you to try it out. The winter season also means Christmas holidays. Which means both of you probably have your list of gifts for family and friends to complete. Rather than doing it all by yourself, why not do it together? It’s a great way to spend quality time getting to know each other. And as an added bonus, you can get each other’s opinions about your prospective purchases.

When you don’t have the money to shop or buy anything, then don’t fret. Going to the mall also doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying something. You can still go and walk around and window shop. There’s always a different feeling when walking through a mall in this festive season. Stores light up with their decorations and holiday displays. Plus, it’s a great way to stay warm, without locking yourself up in your apartment (if you’ve already moved in together).

5. Joining Winter Bonfires On Campuses

At this time of year, college campuses usually join the bandwagon of having their own winter activities. That way you can still sign up for some fun (even if you are on a budget). In fact, many of these activities are free projects put on by many different organizations.

One of the most common is a winter bonfire on campuses. If your school has one, you and your date may want to go. Not only is it a good time for you to reconnect with peers that you don’t really get to talk with much during busy school days, but it’s also a cozy, cheap date the both of you can enjoy. Hot chocolate and smores on a bonfire? Yum!

6. Watch A Play

Have you ever gone out to watch a play? If not, then now’s an excellent time for you to do so. During the wintertime, there are many classic shows that come out. The Nutcracker is a great example. When you’re looking to impress your date, surprise them with tickets. Then, go for a romantic dinner after the show.


When the weather is sunny and bright, it’s pretty easy to come up with date ideas. Everyone loves to go out in the summer! But, when the white, winter months come along, it can sometimes be challenging. Great is the temptation to cuddle indoors to stay warm. But, the winter season has a lot to offer if you make the effort to get out too.

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