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How to Write an Outstanding 5-Paragraph Persuasive Essay

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Do you need to write in a 5 paragraph essay outline format? Do you know how to write persuasive essays? Well, these are the questions of which many people are interested in finding the answers.

In this article, you are going to find out everything necessary about a persuasive essay. Here, you are going to learn what a persuasive essay is, and what tips you must keep under consideration.

What is a persuasive essay?

No matter which course you are in, persuasive essays are one of the most important “hook” assignments that you have to undertake. The first approach behind the writing of persuasive essays is to make the reader think deeply about your idea.

It is one of the most common ways to provoke the reader to think and put your views firmly at the forefront. Here, you have to support your statements with valid arguments and proof. At the end of the text, the reader must be having a feeling of satisfaction and feel conviction from your writing.

What to do before starting an essay?

Persuasive essays are not like any other essay. Here, there is a high requirement of preparation from your end. You have to present numerous statements. Whatever the subject may be, you have to do thorough research about the topic.

Proper research is essential, and there are multiple reasons for that. Primarily, if you are doing good research, you are going to make a strong foundation for your essay. With adequate research, you are going to be able to create quality argumentative statements for your essay.

The next step is to jot down how you are going to write the essay. Think about all the ideas that come to your mind. Write to them at a specific place that you can always refer to when you are in need. Then make a proper outline of the source and then proceed with the essay.

What Is The Structure Of Persuasive Essay?

The structure of a persuasive essay is quite simple. There will be three parts of the essay and each of them have their own relevance.

1. The Introduction.

This is one of the most essential elements of writing an essay. There must be the presence of a hook in your presentation. If there is a good hook present, the reader will start to develop a liking and interest in the subject. The hook is what catches the reader’s attention and prompts them to keep reading more.

2. The Body.

The length of the body depends on the number of paragraphs that you are going to put in your article. In this manner, you can decide the length of the body of the essay. Make sure that you mention all your statements and positions within this part of the essay.

3. The Conclusion.

This portion will be the summary and will hold the ending statement that you will like to put. At this point, we are hoping you have persuaded the reader to have the same opinion as you, and summarize that opinion to solidify that position.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Writing a Persuasive Essay

Understanding the Requirement of an Essay

The persuasive essay is an opinionated text in which highlights ideas, criticisms, reflections, and personal impressions on a specific topic. The persuasive essay focuses on questions on a particular subject, opinions of the author, and generally present original conclusions. Unlike narrative and descriptive essays, the type of essay presupposes more in-depth interpretation and analysis on a topic.

Conducting Research

Carry out the proper research on what you are going to write down. Obviously the internet can be a great tool, however, be careful with the sources you take into consideration.


Anything that comes to mind about a subject can go straight to paper. These thoughts do not have to be organized or polished. Just get it all out! Write whatever comes to mind. That’s where good ideas can come up. After all your thoughts are out, then you can organize and sort. One thought or word triggers another. It can be very useful for your entire process.

Proposal and Argument

Choose the basis from which you will start to tell your reader what your essay is about. With this central argument, you can choose three or four ideas that will support your essay and then start to develop them. From these initial ideas for your argumentative essay, write the body of the text. As you progress, enhanced ideas may come in, in which you can choose to discard older less valuable ideas.

Write short paragraphs between 5 and 6 lines. Keep in mind to build up each idea with some examples from dependable sources. Always cite them properly, as they will give value to your text and solid bases to build your conclusion.

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