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You Can Apply to College Late

Written by CB Experts

Some students overshoot and do not have acceptances to any college come April 1. Some students have acceptances but do not get the financial aid they need to attend. Can they still apply to a college even if they have missed the application deadline?

The answer is yes.

Although it is not well-known, there are colleges that hold slots open for late applicants. These colleges feel that students who have applied to Ivy League schools and have strong academic records are actually great additions to their school. That means it would be wise for students who are not able to go to the schools they planned on make a list of 10 to 12 new schools and call each one to ask if they can apply late. They are likely to find out they can do just that at a few of those schools.

One thing that can help a late applicant is if they are a first generation college student. Also schools are looking to balance their campus populations. Perhaps they need women because they have accepted too many males, or they might want a humanities major because the students they have accepted are mostly enrolled in science and business programs.

There are other options for students who are not going to colleges because of non-acceptance or lack of financial aid. One option is to take a gap year and reapply. Another is to go to a post graduate year at a prep school and improve skills and grades. Students can also get into local community colleges which usually have open admission. After a couple years, they can easily transfer to a four year program.

There are always options. The trick is to pursue them with a positive attitude.

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