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Your College Application Essay Needs Extra Attention Before You Send It

Written by CB Experts

Wait! We know you are glad your essay is done for the Common App. It was hard to finish, and now it is off your plate. But, you still should look it over carefully a few more times before sending it out.

You are really not done until you re-read your essay both silently and aloud a few more times. You also should be looking at the content again for organization, style, and development. We found a good checklist for this kind of essay review at We hope it’s helpful to you.

And, you should also polish your essay, which means you need to look for mechanical writing errors. Check out College Basics for a list and explanation of frequent errors and other common mistakes.  You can also get great essay editing information in our new e-book on college appplication essay writing.


NEWS!  CollegeBasics now has a new e-book The Basics for Writing College Application Essays: Simple How-to Steps for Writing All College Essays from the Personal Statement to the Short Activity Essay that outlines every aspect of writing the college application essay. This book explains how to write different kinds of application essays from the short activity essay to the personal statement to scholarship essays and more and offers samples of essays and essay edits. This book can really help you.

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