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Sometimes applying to college becomes more like a shopping spree spurred on by your friends’ and parents’ expectations. Finding a good college match should also involve some thought about the kind of work or the type of career you want as an adult.

Not only should you ask yourself what you enjoy doing, what your strengths and talents are, where you want to live, the pay scale you’re looking for, and the pace of work you want, you need to also educate yourself a little about the careers that are out there and what skills and training they require.

Collegebasics has found an on-line resource that might help get you started. This site provides information about different careers such as engineering. It breaks down engineering into fields like sales engineers, materials engineers, or petroleum engineers. Did you even know there were this many types of engineers? The site describes the duties, skills, income, and education needed for such work.

This site also matches careers or programs that appeal to you to schools and colleges. Fields such as business, computer technology, design, and even theology are represented. For example, if you decide you want to go into business, specifically into the area of human resources management, you can click on this career and find several schools listed which offer programs specific to this career. Then you can explore each to find out about about the school and its program.  The site also offers information about testing and preparing for testing, and it gives information about financial aid, including state aid and graduate school aid.

Another site is extremely helpful. gives similar information.  In addition, it lists scholarships specific to careers, and it has a place where jobs in various career fields are posted along with pertinent career advice.

Both these sites offer a great way to get started for educational planning that informs the best post- secondary education choices.


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