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5 Reasons Why You Should Hit the College Gym

Written by CB Experts

Once they settle into college life, students often notice their weight creeping up little by little. Studying, burning the midnight oil and engaging in new social habits can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle – and an expanding waistline. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To help combat that “freshman 15” (aka those unwanted pounds that may pile up) here are five reasons why students should hit the college gym early and often.

Developing Good Habits Leads To Lifelong Benefits

Top executives report that establishing healthy habits into their daily and weekly routine is important for maintaining positive professional vitality, determination and drive. Developing a healthy set of habits now will put you on a path toward an overall routine of time management and healthy lifestyle choices that can be a foundation for success. Much like the working world, college life can be stressful; exercising is a great way to mitigate that stress.

Gym Fees Generally Included In Tuition; Might As Well Use It

Joining a top-notch gym can be pricey. Since campus gym membership often is included in tuition costs, it makes sense to give it a try, particularly if some training sessions with staff are part of the package. Even a few 30-minute sessions a week can bring positive results, both physical and mental. Light weight training, for example, can help ward off the possibility of osteoporosis later in life.

Think Gym, Think Social Networking Site

Hitting the gym on a regular basis can be a great way to meet new friends; sign up for some exercise classes or join workout groups to widen your network of acquaintances. In addition to the social benefits, this can be a great motivator in helping you maintain a regular workout schedule and, ultimately, a healthy lifestyle.

There may also be options to join an intramural sports team, whether it’s flag football, Ultimate Frisbee or co-ed soccer.

Exercise May Improve Focus

Developing and maintaining a regular exercise routine is a great way to fend off those times when you feel overwhelmed, stressed or just generally “blah.” Working out can shift attention away from destructive habits and toward healthy coping habits.

Exercising on the morning of a test or taking a study break to participate in a yoga session can help clear your mind from distractions and provide the focus needed to reach academic and other personal goals.

Earn Credit While Working On Your Abs

Lots of colleges offer physical fitness or sports classes for credit. So, why not work on your degree requirements while also working on your abs? And knowing that skipping your exercise may drop your class grade should be all the inspiration you need to lace up those sneakers.

The gym is often an under-utilized resource on campus. But with a bit of effort to establish a new routine, hitting the gym can become a long-term habit with many rewards. Meeting new people, learning new skills and establishing a healthy lifestyle, both physical and mental, are just a few of the upsides awaiting students.


This guest post was provided by Jessica Edmondson who contributes on Online Business Degrees for the University Alliance, a division of Bisk Education, Inc.

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