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Make the Most of Your College Dorm Room

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By Rachael Risinger / Bed Bath & Beyond®

Are you looking for great solutions for making your college bed as clean and comfortable as possible and ideas to help maximize the space in your dorm room? Here are some great tips.

When it comes to protection and comfort for a dorm room bed, think layers. First, start with a bed bug mattress protector that completely encases your mattress to keep dust, dust mites, allergens and bed bugs out of your mattress. Next layer on a mattress pad. It protects the mattress and adds comfort and softness. For support, choose a foam mattress topper, which lies directly on top of the mattress protector, or top it all off with a fiber or featherbed, that creates a pillow-top that’s soft and cozy.

To watch a video with more information on making a clean and comfortable college bed go to:

College Solutions: Making a Clean and Comfortable College Bed

To maximize dorm room space, the trick is to make the most of every inch. Look for pieces that multi task, like an ottoman that doubles as a seat and storage. Items like a bedside caddy that hang off the side of your mattress and bed lifts that raise your bed inches off the floor, make room for extra storage that can help. A dorm room space saver that fits over the bed also adds extra shelving space.


To save space in your closet, use a set of slim hangers to create uniformity and fit more clothes. Then, use a double hang closet rod that adjusts horizontally and vertically to find the right fit in the closet. Simply hang on the existing closet rod and now there is twice the space. Then hang shoe and sweater shelf organizers to expand your closet space. For a video with more space saving tips go to:

College Solutions: Get the Most Space Out of Your College Dorm Room

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