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How do I Make an Impressive LinkedIn Profile?

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Long gone are the days when mailing letters and forms was the standard way to connect with colleges and employers.  Social media has revolutionized our daily interaction. Who remembers when social media was only for connecting with friends? Well, a lot has changed these days.

College students have to be careful about the kind of content they allow on their social media. That is because colleges, employers, parents and just about everyone is on social media. There is one social media account that every college student must make the best of. That is their LinkedIn account.

We always hear that it is necessary “to be” on LinkedIn but I have news for you. It is not enough “to just be on” LinkedIn. You need “to shine” on LinkedIn. You need to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn.

So the big question is, how do I make an impressive profile?  

Use a Professional Photo

Think of LinkedIn as your passport. Your passport photo has to be of a high quality before it is approved. Employers and college administrators are likely to check your LinkedIn profile. That allows them to put a face to your name. I am sure that you want them to approve you.

So make sure that your profile photo really looks like you and not your photo-shopped self. Also make sure that you show a warm and professional facial expression. No one wants to work with someone who is intimidating or clownish.  

Besides your looks, you need to wear professional clothes. You should take the photo against an appropriate background.  And make sure there are no distractions in the background.

Customize Your URL

Don’t just run along with the automated URL that LinkedIn provides. You can create your own LinkedIn URL that better reflects who you are. All you need to do is go to ‘Edit Profile” and click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Public Profile URL.’ Finally, remember to select ‘Custom URL.’ Your college administrator or employer will appreciate how personalized your LinkedIn profile is. Using your name for your URL is a good choice.

Create a Superb Headline

Don’t be mediocre. Your headline should arouse college administrators’ and employers’ interest in you. For instance, do not use the headline “Digital Marketer.”  Be creative, use something like “Result-Oriented Digital Marketer with an Excellent Track Record.” Distinguish yourself from all the others who are vying for the same position.

Put your Best Features in the Summary Field

This is like your elevator pitch. Answer the college administrator’s or employer’s main question. “Why should I choose you?” Let them know your key qualifications, skills, experiences and special points.

Complete Your Profile

Provide as much detail as possible to create a complete picture of what you bring to the table. Describe your skills, education, experiences, community involvement and special achievements. This allows your reader to appreciate how well rounded you are. Your LinkedIn profile allows you to be more descriptive of your professional capabilities. So make it count.

Boost Your Page with Multimedia

LinkedIn allows users to boost their professional profile with pictures, slideshows and videos. Hence, employers and college administrators can know beforehand that you are the right fit. How so? They do not have to take your word that you are an exceptional professional. They can see your work for themselves when you attach slideshows, videos and pictures of what you did.

Provide Links to Your Accomplishments

If you have a website, blog or links to sites that promote your work, share them. This allows your readers to gain deeper insights into who you are and what you can do.  It also promotes your accomplishments.

Get Endorsements

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it allows others to endorse your skills. That allows your employers and college administrators to see that you have credibility. Imagine if you worked with a renowned company and the manager endorses your skills. Employers and college administrators will more likely trust you. Additionally, many endorsements from people you’ve worked with help to show your expertise. So work on getting as many endorsements as you can to make your LinkedIn profile standout.

Post on LinkedIn

Don’t be a ghost on LinkedIn. Share your useful advice on LinkedIn. And don’t be afraid to respond to LinkedIn posts that resonate with you. Follow the companies that you like and join their conversations. Respond to their questions and ask them questions. That can help them to know that you exist and become curious about who you are.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile on a Regular Basis

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Add your most recent achievements, qualification and anything worth mentioning. Remember  employers can use key search terms to find you. Hence, make sure that you use the right words to describe your skills and experiences.

LinkedIn has become a number one choice for employers to find out about people. Hence, it would be careless to not have a LinkedIn profile. Competition for jobs and college admission is fierce these days. So, every college student needs an impressive LinkedIn profile.


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