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New Ways to Prep for SATs

Written by CB Experts

Students today learn differently, and they have better technology. Why not use a different approach to making SAT or ACT prep more interesting and effective?

See the Games Section of iTunes

Kaplan, a well-known company that publishes texts and programs for SAT and ACT prep, has teamed up with Apple to offer podcasts of three SAT/ACT Test Prep programs in critical reading, math, and writing. They are available for downloading at very low cost.

All you need is an iPhone or other smartphone and you can go anywhere to prep for your SAT. It’s great for  summer because Kaplan has all the practice questions geared for next fall’s SAT and ACT tests. Don’t let a beach vacation or mountain climbing or even camping stop you from boning up on strategies for taking college admissions tests, learning the basics for the math sections on these tests, or practicing critical reading questions.

There are over 1,000 practice exercises and test taking hints, and they are interactive. Today students learn by doing, and they are able to multi-task so they can make use of their time. Smartphones go with them everywhere while combining tunes and test skills.

There are, of course, other podcast possibilities for acquiring test taking skills. Some sites are free. Some sites offer pod programs that build vocabulary.

Although these podcasts will be a great way for students to study, they still may not replace the bulky texts from Kaplan or Princeton Review or College Board. You may still want to take a test prep class, especially if you enjoy social interaction or working one-on-one with a tutor; after all the SAT and ACT are pencil and paper texts—so far.

Your smartphone may still work as effective supplemental study aids.  They save precious time for practicing test skills, and you can have fun doing it.

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