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Top 10: Alberta Canada’s Top 10 Colleges, Ranked

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For those who are considering studies in Canada, Alberta is home to an incredibly diverse and highly requited array of post-secondary institutions.

Aside from the top ranked Universities, Alberta has an impressive selection of colleges for potential students to choose from.

Below, we’ve compiled a list, highlighting Alberta’s Top 10 Colleges Ranked, and what makes each of them special.

1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary

SAIT is home to ARIS, their Applied Research and Innovation Services. Through design, prototyping, fabrication, and testing expertise, companies and individuals can create and develop their ideas and technologies into commercialized products.

2. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton

Impressively, yet not surprisingly, NAIT is the largest apprenticeship trainer not only in Alberta, but also in Canada. Perhaps most interesting is NAIT’s School of Skilled Trades popular among those who seek a career in Alberta’s ever booming energy sector.

3. Bow Valley College, Calgary

Bow Valley College encompasses global acceptance. Over the last 30 years, they have hosted over 15,000 international students from 148 different countries.

4. NorQuest College, Edmonton

NorQuest’s aim is to provide an education to those who may not be able to accommodate the typical Monday through Friday full time courses into their schedule.

They offer essentially all of their courses through a variety of deliveries, including full time, part time, distance learning, online, open studies, hybrid studies, etc.

5. Lakeland College, Lloydminster/Vermillion

Lakeland College was ranked one of the top post-secondary institutions in Canada amongst 63 selected colleges, based on 55 different evaluation categories. Specifically, they ranked 1st in “Most Recommended By Students”, “Best Academic Counseling”, and “Most Approachable Professors”.

6. Olds College, Olds

Olds College was the recipient of the National Entrepreneurship Award of Excellence for their development of their app, “Spirit of Entrepreneurship”.

This app is part of the colleges dedication and commitment to entrepreneurship, and providing the students with the tools, education, and support they need to succeed.

7. Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie

GPRC is partnered with multiple organizations, such as the National Bee Diagnostic Centre, and the Rural Organic Waste to Resources Centre to help protect and sustain our environment.

Students are encouraged to complete research and train with the innovators in these centres.

8. Northern Lakes College, Slave Lake

Northern Lakes College offers the dual credit program, allowing high school students to participate in apprenticeship training or get a head start on their post-secondary program while still earning high school credits.

9. Reeves College, Calgary/Edmonton/Lethbridge/Lloydminster

All Reeves College programs include a workplace practicum, giving students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in real world, workplace situations.

These placements are essential to learning the practical aspects of the job, and are invaluable experience to have for building their post graduation resumes.

10. Red Deer College, Red Deer

Red Deer College is home to the Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM), a multimillion-dollar research facility, accessible to both students and faculty, featuring cutting edge prototype and manufacturing equipment.

Now Try To Choose…

As you can see, Alberta plays host to a number of innovative, influential, and highly recognized colleges. Now that you have seen a glimpse of what these colleges have to offer, you get to make the difficult choice of choosing which one to apply to!

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