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What’s Your Plan After Graduating? Go Freelance!

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Graduating is always an exciting time and measure of one’s school success. This joy only lasts for a short while until the following question appears in your mind.

There are a couple of options before you land yourself your dream job and going freelance is one of them. With a lot of competition in the job market, you might want to start a bit of what you like by yourself.

Freelancing involves putting your skills to work. It might be those that you learned at school or some that you knew outside school.

Job search engines like Indeed offer an excellent place for you to look for individual people who might be looking for somebody with your type of qualifications.

Once you get your first client, you can get a few more after that, which works with referrals depending on your quality of work.

When you are sure that’s what you might want to do, it is vital to formally register your business and put up more advertising for yourself which might include creating your business website where people can search for your qualification and get to see you.

A good website builder will assist you in creating an appealing website that is fully customized to your liking at an affordable fee. With your website up and running, then sit back and brace yourself since more work is bound to come your way.

Apart from freelancing, there are a few more options on what you might want to do after your graduation:

Relax and Travel

Taking a gap year to travel and enjoy different scenarios with different cultures. Going on solo trips with no specific destination helps build excellent planning skills, independence, and sufficiency.

Adventure might be a perfect way to spend your time while freelancing if your work might involve working on your computer or phone without any need to be at the exact location.

In a situation where you are unsure what you might want to do, traveling and adventure might offer the time and clarity needed.

Volunteer and network in your year if you travel to build your CV, which might give you an upper hand with the bosses as everyone does like an outgoing, independent person.

Postgraduate Study

If you are a scholar, a postgraduate degree would be an option. It would be great to increase your skills and gain more knowledge in your field of study.

A postgraduate degree increases your chances of a better employment opportunity. Some specific career paths like Law require further studies to be accredited for participation. You might choose to work as you study to improve your promotion prospects.

The choice to go back to school requires serious thought and planning as it consumes a lot of time and money.

Asking yourself what your purpose for further studies might be, how important the course is to you, and what skills you expect to gain afterward are some of the questions that might help you make an informative decision on your taking on going back to school as an option.

Start a Business

Self-employment is an excellent option if you cannot find your desired job or take too long to find one. Thinking outside the box, creating a business that offers products that are not readily available in your locality might be a great option.

With the rise in the use of social media, selling products online and delivering and marketing yourself as a service provider on social platforms is a great way to start a business if you don’t have enough capital to afford a place and at the same time stock up.

Social media has created a tremendous ready market that might allow you to start over where you are with as little as you can.

Self-employment is advantageous because it gives you a sense of independence to make your own decisions as well as flexibility, control, and an opportunity to learn and perfect many skills simultaneously.

Get a Job

Last, but not least, is to get yourself a job. The job you get might or might not align with your acquired degree but getting more skills might help fill your CV with diverse skills.

Sending your CV to a lot of offices and intentionally applying for different jobs will increase your chance to acquire interviews and eventually a career.

Flexibility in your job search will help you secure a place faster than being adamant about trying out jobs in which you have no experience.

Most jobs offer training before full confirmation, and through that, you might gain all or most of the skills needed for the job.


During your job search, networking is an important aspect that can be built by constantly volunteering for positions that align with your target job.

Attend as many networking events as possible to make yourself noticeable and develop working relationships.

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