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WeAdmit provides counseling services that guide students through the complexities of college admissions. They offer free counseling sessions as well as personalized paid programs that help students find their passion and their perfect-fit school. With their team of experts in financial aid, college admissions, and career guidance, WeAdmit helps students understand what they want to get out of college, which college will get them closer to their dreams, how to get accepted to their dream school, and how to pay for it. Plus, WeAdmit has an extensive collection of free guides and articles on the college admissions process, including college essays, SAT and ACT test prep, Common App guides, and interview strategies.


Free to sign up! Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. If you are a creative type who is into design, you NEED to create your FREE Canva account immediately.  Hands down one of the best free design/editing tools on the web. Click the title to sign up for your free account now!

Bid 4 Papers SAT essay writing guide has created a detailed guide that covers all the key information such as background (& importance) of the tests, exact dates and their suggestion on which one to take. They also provide tried and tested tips, as well as, samples and best essay format which includes ideas on what to actually write.

Magoosh Test Prep

Magoosh levels the playing field by giving every student access to effective, affordable, and engaging test prep tools

ACT Blog

Everything you need to know about the ACT! Tips and advice on preparing for the ACT test.

Parliament Tutors

Parliament Tutors offers private tutoring and test preparation for all academic subjects and standardized tests. In addition to private tutoring services, Parliament offers all students free online test preparation tools.


This company helps its clients increase their chances of gaining entry to their preferred programs by pairing them with appropriate admissions consultants.