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5 Challenges Faced by Students While Studying Abroad in the UK

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The transition from your home to a new place is never easy, especially when you’re not surrounded by the people you are familiar with and love.

Studying abroad does open great career opportunities for students, but there is no denying the fact that the first months are the hardest.

For those who have already moved out, these challenges might sound relatable to a great extent.

But for those students who plan to study in the UK, there might be additional challenges that you face once you leave your comfort zone.

All in all, there is never an easy way to say goodbye, but preparing for things mentally and emotionally will help you adapt faster.

Major Challenges that Students Face After Moving Out

Although the advantages of studying in the UK are plenty, today, we will glance at the challenges students face while adapting to this new phase of life.

1. Finding the Right Accommodations

There is no place like home, and international students realize this after they leave for college.

Even if you’re staying in a plush apartment, or student housing in Birmingham, or even if your student room in Nottingham has great morning views, you will be reminded of your place every time you can find something or come back to empty apartments.

Many times, the best accommodations get booked early, and you’re left with just a few options to choose from.

This may start your college on a low note till you make friends with roommates.

2. The Feeling of Never Fitting In

There are distinct vibes that make you feel like an outsider once you move to college in another country. You might have a constant fear of being judged or not being able to make friends as fast as you did back home.

There are other times when you may not understand how the locals manage their studies and extracurriculars while you’re still stuck finding the best and most inexpensive routes to travel.

It takes time, but the feeling does fade away. All you have to do is not isolate yourself from social interactions and keep your confidence high. Most universities take diversity and inclusivity very seriously.

3. Managing Finances

There is nothing more confusing and rather overwhelming than filing taxes when you’ve always let your parents run everything for you till now.

What makes managing finances all the more difficult is the currency difference.

Right from tuition fees for universities, accommodation rent like for Bristol student housing, and meal plans, you need to make an expense budget beforehand to avoid confusion later in the date.

One important aspect to be kept in mind is that these finances cannot be managed if you don’t have a part-time job in hand to support your miscellaneous expenses.

Monthly budgets will still have you broke if there is not a recurring income supplementing your major fees.

4. Homesickness

You will miss everyone in your family and friends in the very first week of your stay away from home. This is a very common feeling among all the students, but you should not let it take over you.

Keep contacting your family and friends, video call them on every achievement or college update, and make sure to take time out to listen to them too.

The time difference will make the communications difficult at first since you’ll be adjusting to a new time zone.

But you must also keep yourselves engaged in other extracurricular activities and socialize if you’re in community places like a Glasgow student accommodation to distract from the sadness of missing home.

5. Keeping Realistic Cultural Expectations

You are bound to make mistakes since you don’t know the culture of your host nation, but it is important not to beat yourself on that.

People understand your lack of knowledge and experience and make sure you don’t feel alienated if you don’t understand their gestures.

The best way to learn is to ask and observe. Your classmates and roommates will be more than happy to educate and help you participate in local activities and understand how to receive and greet people.

We hope that you find your way to live the best college life you dreamt of despite these challenges!

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