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5 Beneficial Investments To Consider When Studying Abroad

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There are tons of reasons studying abroad is a wise move – obtaining international qualifications will benefit your career path. The experience you gain from adapting to a foreign country will also be invaluable to your way towards success.

However, if you have decided to study abroad, you should consider a few beneficial investments before heading off on your overseas educational adventure.

We have listed a few smart purchases that will enhance your experience:

1. Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is similar to regular travel insurance, although you will receive additional healthcare benefits from the policy.

Purchasing health travel insurance will be an invaluable investment when studying abroad as you will have access to round-the-clock emergency care as well as all your everyday healthcare needs, such as medications, doctor visits, and more at the health care provider of your choice.

However, you should evaluate your insurance options by finding the best travel insurance companies and comparing policy details and costs.

2. Quality Luggage

There’s no denying the importance of quality luggage when traveling abroad for any reason. Inferior quality luggage may get damaged on the trip, and even though your travel insurance will cover the damages, it is wise to invest in quality luggage.

What’s more, some luggage bundles will include smaller bag sizes for everyday use that will last for the lengthy duration of your studies as well.

3. A Universal Adapter

Universal adapters are not the most expensive thing out there, soo purchasing one won’t set you back financially, however, because plug sockets can vary in different regions.

It is best to buy a universal adapter to ensure you can keep your tech and gadgets charged upon arrival instead of having to hunt for one shortly after you reach your destination.

4. Travel Guides

There’s no doubt that you won’t be able to navigate your destination region simply by following your heart, and while a GPS will help you find your way, a travel guide will show you all the spots you need to get to.

You won’t have to find yourself stuck when wondering where the nearest amenities are.

They are especially great for navigating sightseeing adventures that you should partake in when you are still getting settled.

You should also consider investing in language translation books or audiobooks if you will be studying in a country where English is not a commonly spoken language.

5. A Quality Camera

While your primary intention is to obtain qualifications abroad, there’s no doubt that you will also be taking in the wonders of the region you are heading to.

Therefore, investing in a quality camera is a great idea to capture all your memories during your stay.

A smartphone camera may not be the best option as you will want the highest quality images to look back on when you return home.


Studying abroad can be an inspiring endeavor regardless of which region you have chosen or which field of study you will be investing in.

However, bringing along a few extras and opting for travel health insurance will enhance your experience and ensure your healthcare needs are taken care of for the duration of your stay.

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