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6 Key Tips to Help You Master the GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admission Test)

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Getting into medical school is a dream many of us aspire to achieve.

The process isn’t easy – Competitive exams are the crux of getting admitted to a top school and the requirements differ across the world from country to country which is an important consideration if you’re thinking of studying internationally.

If you’re hoping to study medicine in the UK, Ireland, or Australia, you’ll need to master the challenging GAMSAT Exam.

The Graduate Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) is conducted by ACER, the Australian Council for Education Research, and forms a key hurdle for entry into graduate entry medical courses.

The test aims to screen for and select candidates who are able to display a high level of logical and verbal reasoning as well as mastery of written expression.

In many ways, the exam is designed to present you with new information and to get you to think on the spot.

As such, there’s no hiding that it’s a tough exam – Many students have usually attempted it more than once. But if one has studied and given their 100%, nothing will come in the way of their goals.

Here are 6 tips you should follow to ensure you get the GAMSAT Results you want and to start your medical journey:

1. Know Your Exam Well

Medical school is no joke. It requires long hours of studying, late nights, early mornings, and plenty of coffee (just like the profession itself!).

Just like you need to work hard to know your patients and their conditions, it pays to know the exam well.

The GAMSAT exam consists of 3 sections: Section 1 tests your verbal comprehension and reasoning, Section 2 tests Written Expression and Section 3 tests your reasoning skills in the Biological and Physical sciences.

You should be well versed in the format and skills required for each section. Attention should also be paid to the types of questions that will be asked. Aim to have a proper study plan that accounts for all of this before starting your prep to ensure that your efforts are directed towards the appropriate goals.

Having all the essential information will give you the motivation to study.

2. Frequent Practice

The exam consists of 2 essays and MCQs. Regular and consistent practice of writing essays and answering MCQs is essential. Aim to complete a certain number of questions or a certain amount of essays each week or each month.

Practice exams will help you get a sense of the length of the exam and to build up your endurance. Time yourself while solving these mock papers.

This serves as an extra benefit. ACER themselves have a small selection of practice materials you can use.

3. Timetable Arrangement

Keeping a timetable should be an unspoken practice. Without a proper week-to-week plan, it will be difficult to monitor your progress and stay motivated.

A good study plan and timetable will help you approach your study with proper time management and avoid burning out.

Try making a colorful timetable. Pleasant surroundings will keep you motivated.

4. Backlogs

The common enemy to any preparation strategy is creating backlogs. It is essential to avoid falling behind on your study plan.

Make sure to incorporate time and ‘breathing room’ in your timetable to ensure you don’t fall behind and lose motivation.

It’s important to work consistently in the lead up to the exam, the GAMSAT is not something you can cram for in a matter of a few weeks.

5. Keeping Your Health In Check

Due to lengthy study hours and stress, your health can often go out the windows. Continuous study leads to inactivity and fatigue, affecting our studies. Make sure to take breaks between your schedules.

Sitting in one place does affect your brain, and it is best to give it a bit of a shake. Go for walks, join a gym, and make sure to keep yourself healthy.

Diet also plays a key role. Often due to the stress of studying, we tend to eat. Keep your mind and diet in check. Cut down on the junk and drink ample amounts of water.

6. Don’t Give Up!

The GAMSAT exam is a marathon, not a sprint. The preparation can take months and many students end up sitting the exam more than once but this fact shouldn’t discourage you.

Many have successfully cracked this exam, and so can you. Staying motivated and maintaining a healthy and productive mindset is vital.

You will come across times when you feel that you aren’t there yet; close your books, take a deep breath. Know that once you achieve this goal, good things are to come.

If you aren’t able to qualify on the first attempt, don’t sit back. GAMSAT has no limits to attempts. Make it a point that your next try will be your final try.

A strong mind is required to accept rejection. Prepare yourself in such a way that you have the mindset of jumping back if you haven’t cleared in the first attempt.

Medical School is a dream many people look for. Try including these tips in your daily curriculum. In the end, nothing is impossible. It is a matter of how you go about it. All the best!

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