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How to Plan for Moving Across Country For College

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Heading to college is a big change for everyone. This especially goes for those who move away from home to go to college. For many people, this will be their first time living away from their parents and it will be vastly different from them having to cook for themselves, and be self-sufficient. While some may elect to indeed live by themselves, others will have roomies to live with.

However, before you can enjoy the college life and start fresh, you have to move, and as many of you likely know, moving can be a bit of a headache. And since moving for college is different than moving your family for good or for work, we decided to create an article with a few tips of how to plan for your cross-country move for college.

Only Take What You Really Need

This is the main difference when moving for good and moving for college. When you move for college, you generally only stay for a couple of months at a time before coming home for the summer. As a result, you don’t need to pack up your entire life when you are only going to be gone a few months.

This means you should only take some of your clothes, your toiletries and other things you will need. A good way to figure out what to take is to make some piles. One for things that you don’t need for the next few months/don’t want to take, and one for things that you will need and must take with you.

Figure Out How You Are Going to Move

This isn’t like Harry Potter where you can run through a wall and instantly be at your school. Instead, you must make a lengthy journey to your new home. Some people will want to drive, while others will decide to potentially take a plane and have their items moved for them. The choices is yours and will depend on how much you can spend, and how far away you are moving for school.

If you don’t elect to drive, but still have a car, you must find a way to get that car to your new location. Thankfully, companies like Executive Auto Shippers ( are here to help and can make the process of moving a vehicle much easier to deal with.

Have Your Living Situation Figured Out Before You Go

While this one seems obvious, there are definitely some people out there that leave finding a home or apartment until the last minute. Finding residence, especially in a college town in late-summer, is often easier said than done. As a result, you should have a home or apartment officially yours well in advance.

As for where you want to live, that will depend on you. Some love living in the dorms and getting the true college experience, while others vastly prefer living off campus and having more quiet time and a more laid back personal life.

What Can You Buy When You’re There?

Sometimes, fitting everything that you need into your bag or your vehicle is not an easy task. So instead of over packing, why not save some room and buy some things there?

Now, this doesn’t mean leave everything and buy everything new when you get to your college, but some things can be bought new. For example, school supplies and toiletries are very affordable and can be quite bulky, so you could save a lot of space if you just bought them there instead of taking them from home.


Hopefully these tips included in this article make it easier and simpler to move across the country for school. It is an exciting time, but can also be quite stressful, so we hope our article can alleviate some of that stress that is related to moving.

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