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No More Anxiety: 9 Ways to Upgrade Your College Life in 2021

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Written by CB Community

College life can get pretty tough sometimes. Endless deadlines and numerous assignments together with draconic professor’s requirements make studying quite difficult and demanding.

It’s no surprise that such pressure can cause anxiety in students and even lead to depression.

That is why more attention is now paid to students’ psychological and mental health. Unfortunately, this does not reflect on the academic burden that only continues to grow.

The current pandemic and existing restrictions add up to overall uncertainty and insecurity in the field of education.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips and tricks that work perfectly to upgrade your college life and help you get rid of anxiety.

Read ahead to use them whenever you feel on the edge:

1. Ask for Help and Delegate Your Duties

Asking for help can seem like a negative thing for many students. Let say you have a paper that is due soon but you have no idea where to start. You want to ask for help, but you are afraid to ask for help because you don’t want to appear weak. You might be thinking “I can’t have someone write my research paper. If I get help, it might look like I did not do the work” And this is a common reactive thought. Most people in general don’t like the idea of having to admit when they have a weakness. They can see the pile of assignments growing but still believe that they can complete all of that on their own even though they are screaming for help on the inside.

Nowadays, essay writing is the best way to evaluate students’ knowledge. Professors often order a few essays due one week, forgetting that students have three or four similar courses.

Thus, they often end up with five of six papers to be submitted by the end of the week.

In such a case, anxiety is unavoidable if you do not delegate your tasks.

Choose a few papers that require your attention and give the rest to the professionals who can help. Win some time for yourself, and you’ll see how quickly you can recover.

2. Have a Time Out

Modern students are usually too overwhelmed with assignments and duties to have enough time to reload.

However, this is one of the basic needs that we must fulfill if we want to feel okay.

Thus, taking a time-out is not something you can opt for or against. It is a fundamental necessity that is needed to calm down your mind and body.

However you choose to spend this time, make sure you do something that distracts you from your academic problems and haste.

Switch to activities that do not require your cognitive efforts. It really helps in clearing your mind.

3. Take Care of Your Body

Humans are not machines, and you should remember it especially when you are a student. Every meal you skip and a night’s sleep you cut will reflect on your overall health.

Therefore, whatever your academic burden is, do find time to meet your basic needs.

Also, do not skip physical training and do your morning exercises. If you feel passionate about dance, go ahead and dance.

Make sure you balance your cognitive activity with a physical one. It is important for your health.

4. Give up Your Need to Control Everything

Sometimes, it feels good to accept that you can’t control everything.

Moreover, you do not need it. It is good to plan your time and have control over your life, but you can’t control every little detail.

Some students get obsessed with this idea so much that failure to foresee something coming adds extra stress to them.

Obviously, our lives are full of surprises. Sometimes, even if something goes wrong, we actually keep going the right way.

Learn to grab opportunities from every little chance life gives to you. Do not chase perfection and control too much.

5. Get Involved in Student Life

group of students walking toward college building

Active student involvement can help you recover from anxiety and depression. It makes you see the other side of learning where you become a part of a student community with duties and obligations toward others.

Volunteer service and a positive attitude can help you replace your negative thoughts. People you work with will give you a break from everyday stress.

Charity and other student involvement upgrade your college life and help you recover from anxiety and stress.

6. Set Goals and Envision Them

Having clear goals is essential for making your student’s life meaningful and purposeful. Having a purpose is essential for success and progress.

If you have your goals set, you can easily deal with the accumulated stress and anxiety.

Consider these goals as your green lights. Failure to find the reason why you should bear all academic troubles often makes students lack motivation.

If you dream and can see why you need to go through all these challenges, you get stronger and learn to deal with anxiety and stress.

7. Learn More About Yourself

To upgrade your college life and feel better, you need to understand what triggers your anxiety.

Usually, certain behaviors, assignments, or unmet expectations lead people directly into stress. If you recognize your problem, you can learn to deal with it.

Learning more about yourself, especially about your psyche, can really help you find a way to a work-life balance and harmony.

Doing things that you like while being surrounded by people you love often positively reflects on your life and largely benefits you.

8. Surround Yourself with Comfort

As a student, you are likely to live alone or with friends. It means you are responsible for things that adults usually did while you lived with your parents.

Obviously, this also can make your student life pretty stressful.

However, if you arrange your place so that it feels comfortable and convenient to go home and spend your time, there will be no place for anxiety in it.

You need to have a place for yourself where you can hide to recover your strength.

9. Ensure Financial Stability

Financial troubles added to the academic burden form a path directly into stress and anxiety. Your college life will be better if you learn to plan your budget.

Try to ensure you have a financial cushion and have some funds available to deal with emergencies.

Financial stability is critical for students. If you have enough funds to cover your needs, you are not tied to the place of work and can give yourself a break if you really need it.

With money, you know you can pay someone to save your paper to improve your final grade.

Having enough funds, you do not feel pressure and make your decisions based on your feelings rather than certain circumstances.


College life can be stressful and contribute to feelings of anxiety.

By taking care of yourself and finding something to focus on, you can make your experience more harmonious and enjoyable.

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