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5 Ways to Stay Organized While Taking an Online Class

Written by CB Community

With significant technological advancements in recent times, it has become easier to study from anywhere – even if you’re studying from your accommodations abroad!

However, unlike traditional in-person classes, it can be challenging to get organized in the online ones, especially when taking them for the first time.

Worry not! You can make the most of these classes with the right strategies and handy tips.

So check out this blog to learn five helpful ways to stay organized during your online class to boost your productivity and enhance your learning!

1. Find a Dedicated Study Space

Sitting on your couch or bed is tempting as it provides the best comfort. However, you should restrain yourself from doing so as it will hamper your learning and lead to bad posture.

Instead, you should have a dedicated space for your online classes where you can study and take your sessions more sincerely.

Besides, there are a few more things to keep in mind for an overall better online learning experience, such as:

  • Choose the quietest room in your home where you can experience fewer distractions, like your loud siblings, television noise, barking dogs, etc.
  • While studying, dim lighting can make you anxious and hampers the brain’s ability to process and retain information. So it is imperative that your room is well-lit. Also, you can consider studying in the natural light, as it helps elevate both your mood and focus.
  • Make sure you use a table and chair for attending your online tuition classes. It will improve your posture and keep you motivated and engaged throughout your learning session.
  • Almost all of us have a habit of checking our smartphones frequently. No doubt, smartphones are the biggest distraction while studying. So it is best to keep your phone in a different room or put it on airplane mode when taking your online tuition classes.

2. Use Google Drive for Taking Study Notes

There won’t be a better way to organize all your study resources and notes than keeping them safe and secure in Google Drive.

There are many benefits of using Google drive for your online tuition classes, and below we have stated some of the best ones.

  • It is free to use and has various tools to facilitate your learning, such as Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and more.
  • It is a cloud-based storage service that means you can access and edit your learning materials from anywhere at any time.
  • Google Drive provides good storage capacity where you can store your documents securely. Thus, you will never have to fret over losing your data.

3. Keep Your Snacks and Drinks Nearby

You can feel hungry or thirsty while taking your online class.

After all, we all are humans, and there should not be any shame in drinking water or eating a snack during your class.

Remember, your brain will not function properly even when you are mildly dehydrated or hungry, and it can affect your memory, attention, and learning!

So keep your snacks and water bottle on hand.

4. Record Your Online Lessons

Recording your online lessons is an excellent way to organize your learning better!

Sometimes, we can’t understand a few things during an ongoing class, miss out on something important, or have doubts regarding a particular topic.

That is where your recordings come in handy!!

Remember, you can always ask your tutor to help you, but having your lessons recorded will halve your doubts and allow you more time to discuss the things you could not understand genuinely.

Nowadays, many video conferencing platforms come with a recording feature.

Even if your preferred video conferencing app for your online tuition class does not have this feature, you can always download the free recording tool from the internet.

5. Additional Tips

  • Keep your devices charged before your online tuition classes. While this tip may sound obvious, surprisingly, many students forget to charge their laptops, and later, their laptops always run out of battery during these online sessions.
  • Have a stable internet connection. It is a prerequisite for online tuition classes, and if your wifi is not working, the whole learning experience will suffer along with your time and money spent in that day’s online tuition class. So, if you are dealing with a wifi issue, get it fixed before your class begins!
  • Don’t shy away from asking your tutor for a short 5-minute break. It will help you freshen up and concentrate better throughout your online tuition class.
  • Lastly, you can consider buying computer reading glasses to protect your eyes from the damage caused by constantly glaring at your computer screen.

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