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How College Students Could Make Profit Online With The Help Of SEO

Written by CB Community

If you’re here, this means you’re in college and wouldn’t refuse to make some money.

Internet marketing is one of the most fruitful industries at the moment – there’s a job for everyone who knows something in the field.

If your focus is search engine optimization, say no more. We’re here to discuss 8 opportunities you have to make quite a sum (with a proper client, of course).

Let’s stop hoping that money will come to you somehow. Instead, let’s start earning!

Becoming an SEO Specialist

Start making money with SEO by becoming a specialist. This is a broad term that may mean a lot of things. You can:

  • Analyze
  • Consult
  • Fix
  • Create strategies from A to Z, etc.

You don’t have to choose one focus. Your SEO path is in your hands, and all kinds of experts are demanded in the industry nowadays. Make sure to write everything you can do in your CV.

Having your own blog will also help a lot since you can promote and optimize it yourself, making it your main case.

Besides, this is a blogging opportunity that will come in handy for other money-making opportunities we’ll talk about later.

Becoming an SEO Analyst

If you know what is proper optimization and are ready to help other projects thrive, become an analyst.

Many companies are ready to pay good money to find out why their site isn’t in Google’s TOP-10 yet. And, to be honest, the reasons are similar most of the time.

You will analyze useful SEO services the website team writes and how they are perceived. Or, if you like working on-page more, you’ll analyze website traffic, page optimization, keyword density, and relevancy, etc.

This is a great chance for students who are into the analysis. If you’re not, there are other opportunities. We want you to find now only something that will earn you finances but something that you will love as well.

Becoming an SEO Consultant

Another specification you can try is becoming a consultant. This is great because you get paid not for the job but for telling people how to do it properly. For that, you need to establish authority.

Do it through social media or your blog. (Why not try both?)

There are many reasons why marketers or website owners may want to consult a young talent who knows everything about how to manage their site so it brings money through a high SERP ranking.

You can basically make money with Google Search recommendations. Sometimes even an easy “try changing your focus keywords” will change a site owner’s life for the better.

Taking Up a Narrower SEO Field

You can choose any narrow field in optimization. They are all vital, and having one specialist that knows everything about, say, how to add quality backlinks for a website to jump higher in the ratings is incredible for the team.

Having a group of experts in narrow niches is often better than hiring one person that knows a little bit about everything. You can become a highly demanded professional in the long run.

This is quite a career, considering that most companies are actively transitioning online since people have gained trust in eCommerce during the pandemic.

Teaching Search Engine Optimization

Why not teach other people to optimize websites?

Don’t worry about the competition; there are plenty of opportunities for every expert in every field of digital marketing.

You can make money by teaching other people the basics of SEO or the more complicated topics, depending on what knowledge you have.

For this, you will also need some kind of expertise online so that people trust you and what you know about site optimization.

Taking Up a Job Close to the Field

Internet marketing isn’t only optimization. You can become a:

  • Link-building expert
  • Guest post writer
  • Keyword searcher and analyst
  • Technical SEO pro, etc.

Choose a field that is the most interesting for you. It can be anything from digital tool building to writing email chains for abandoned carts. We told you there are lots of jobs! Don’t miss out!

Creating an SEO Blog

One more way to make money on Google is to create an SEO blog. Gather all your knowledge and pack it into useful long-reads with useful keywords.

Optimize the pages so that you get lots of traffic, build some references, adjust the technical part of the site, and you’ll gain authority pretty quickly.

Later on, you can review digital tools for money or place native ads inside your posts.

Creating an SEO Info Product

If you have a blog with a certain number of regular readers and an active social media account, why not create an info product?

It doesn’t have to be a whole platform with curators and all the other features. You can start by creating a closed community within your blog where you’ll provide premium info for money.

Or, create a channel or an account on social media that will only be open for subscribers. Switch your creativity on!

Making Money Online

There are lots of other ways you can try to make money online. Our only recommendation is to use legal methods of increasing your income.

In the modern world, there are plenty of them, and going down the ladder to illegal profit-making manipulations won’t do you any good.

A good thing about these days is that your age doesn’t matter in terms of qualification. Of course, there are still some people who believe that a young college student can’t teach them anything or bring any profit to their company. Many are inclined towards trusting everything connected to IT and online jobs to the younger generation.

This sounds amazing. If you’re a specialist, which doesn’t always mean 10-course certifications and years of practice, definitely get your skills out there and get a position as a remote worker, for instance.

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