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3 Ways to Get Textbook Solutions Without a Tutor

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At one point or another, you’ve most likely struggled to find textbook solutions.

While a tutor is a great option, most of the time if you’re doing a homework assignment, project, or studying for an exam, getting help is impossible outside of working hours.

Even if you manage to get an answer from a classmate, you’ll be missing out on the bigger picture: understanding the concept.

Without getting a step-by-step explanation of textbook solutions, it’s easy to be one of the 41% of students who drop a class within their first two years.

Not to mention, dropping classes past the withdrawal date can be costly since college tuition costs ballooned by 59% between 2000 and 2019.

In this post, you’re going to learn 3 effective ways to get step-by-step textbook solutions that actually help you understand materials and ace exams without a tutor.

1. Get a Study Partner

Having a study partner to review textbook solutions is extremely important to learn class material faster than on your own.

That’s because each partner will have a different perspective on how to approach textbook solutions.

If that’s not enough, the biggest benefit is you’ll hold each other accountable and most likely won’t be like 49% of students that go off task with technology.

2. Use Textbook Survival Guides

No matter what you’re studying, all college professors use a textbook as a guide for their curriculum. When it comes to working through homework solutions or preparing for an exam you’re most likely on your own.

While using a textbook is a great resource, most of the time they don’t accommodate different learning styles.

That’s why having a high-quality textbook survival guide could be a huge time and grade-saver. Being able to see step-by-step explanations gives you access to understandable content without stress.

3. Join a School Club

You might think that school clubs might be limited to extra-curricular activities like sports. But the truth is at most universities you can find a club in virtually any topic from physics to English.

You’ll be able to connect with upperclassmen who are passionate about a topic that can mentor you and help resolve your doubts about textbook solutions.

Having that network of students that thrive in a subject, gives you access to on-campus help even during late-night study sessions.


Having a tutor definitely has its benefits and can keep you on a consistent road to success.

When it comes to late study hours or last-minute doubts, it’s a good idea to use the alternative ways mentioned above to get textbook solutions.

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