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The Top 7 DON’TS for a College Freshman

the top don'ts for a college freshman
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While in high school, many students yearn for the opportunity to join a college. Life in high school is entirely different from college. In high school, students are often under the supervision of their teachers and their parents. In college, they are under little or no supervision. Additionally, students in college have unlimited freedom and can lead their lives however they please. When these students complete high school, they are usually ecstatic to go to college. The longing for freedom makes them want to get to college even more.

When attending college, you may want to do a lot of things, for instance, explore your school, make new friends, and enjoy yourself among others. With the unlimited freedom that comes with being in college, you may quickly forget about your studies. Exploring your school helps you to discover much about it. While in high school, you may have gotten used to abiding by the rules. Below are some tips from Essay Zoo, on being a good college freshman student!

1. Do not procrastinate

Procrastination does not have any advantages. You may postpone or delay attending an event and choose to attend to it later. Consequently, the activities on your schedule or to-do list tend to clash. As a result, you may either tend to some or leave all of them.Avoid procrastinating at all costs. Attend to all the activities on your schedule. This will help you focus on achieving your goals.

2. Do not hesitate to ask for help

You may encounter challenges or problems while in college. Keeping it to yourself can overwhelm you and you may fall into a depression which is not good for your health. Concentrating in class will be hard for you. Whenever your challenges are school related or family related, do not hesitate to ask for help. A problem shared is a problem solved. You will be able to better focus on your studies since you will feel a bit relaxed.

3. Do not take on too much

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed with the issues that go on at home or school such as financial issues, assignments, and issues with other students. Letting all these get to you may make it hard for you to focus on your studies. You may think that you can handle all of it, but that is not the case. It will reach a point where you will not be able to handle any much of it. Whenever, you have any troubling matters or issues that make you think a lot, try and find a solution by talking about it with someone you trust. Do not think you can take all the anguish or distress in. It can easily consume you.

4. Do not get in the habit of skipping classes

With the unlimited freedom that comes with being in college, you may be tempted to enjoy yourself to the extent that you are unable to attend classes. Having fun while in college is not bad. However, you need to have limits. You did not come to college to enjoy yourself but rather, to study. Skipping classes make you lag behind and you risk performing poorly at the end of your academic year. Ensure you attend all your classes. Your parent or sponsor may be sacrificing a lot for your education. Ensure you do not let their efforts go in vain and purpose to attend classes.

5. Do not forget to take a rest

As a freshman, you may want to explore your school and discover much about it. Additionally, you may want to put as much effort in your studies. You may decide to put as much effort to ensure you get good grades. However, you need to take a rest from school work and get to have some fun with friends. It does not necessarily mean going to parties. You can simply go for a hike with friends and get to enjoy yourself. As the adage goes, ‘work with no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Focusing too much on your studies without having fun is not healthy for you. Your brain needs to have a rest from your studies to allow it to freshen up.

6. Do not hide in your dorm room

Many freshmen fear to associate themselves with other students. As a result, they may opt to stay indoors. This makes it hard for most of them to build their social lives. When you hide in your dorm room, you deny yourself the opportunity to make new friends as well as get to enjoy yourself. You will not be in college for your entire life. You need to use this opportunity and make new friends and go out as well to enjoy yourself. Having friends is essential as you will have someone to talk to whenever you feel low. Additionally, you will be able to get to meet people from all walks of life.

7. Do not forget about family

When you join college, you may grow a bit distant from your family. This is because you will not be with them most of the time. However, you should not let this distance grow. You need to create some time and visit your family. They will be pleased to see you and would want to know how you are coping in school. You will also want to know how they are doing. Knowing that they are faring well will make it easier for you to enjoy your stay in school as well as focus on your studies.

In conclusion, students need to understand that there are things which they can do and which they cannot. The tips to be a good student stated above are advice for freshmen to help them know what is expected and what is not of them.

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