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Top Resume Trends in 2021 You Should Know About

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The world is migrating to the digital business community. As such, the art of resume writing is also evolving at a rapid rate. The plans that you had for your job search process a year ago might not be as functional now as it was back then.

This stands true for recruitment and resume writing trends.

The hiring metrics and processes that modern recruiters make use of differing from conventional methods. The modern job arena is constantly evolving because of major innovations and global events.

How is Technology Shaping Recruitment Processes?

To accommodate an increased number of job seekers, firms have started leveraging technology in the hiring process. The overall opportunity for career success remains in line with the leading hiring trends.

Given the unprecedented times that businesses in the current year had to face, here are some leading resume writing trends you should know about:

Automated Recruitment

As per a study report, it is estimated that around 98.8 percent of Fortune 500 organizations across the globe are making use of the revolutionary ATS (Application Tracking System) in the recruitment process.

The ATS application is utilized for measuring and looking for potential candidates in the form of open competition.

In addition to ATS, modern employers are also making use of the concept of Machine Learning for checking preliminary screening tests to ensure the process objective.

In the HR (Human Resources) industry, the document-screening processes for recruitments are gaining huge impetus.

Digital Portfolio

It is time to roll up your sleeves! Whether you are involved in the creative industry or any other domain, you should follow the unique online recruitment or application approach.

When you are involved in the creative field, you should aim at coming up with an online portfolio like blogs, video channels, and websites. These help you in the creation of all your professional works in a single, accessible space.

With the help of a digital portfolio, you are capable of tracking your overall progress effectively. In case you are not involved in the creative field, then publications, projects, or achievements can serve as your digital portfolio.

Social Media Recruitment

In addition to leading job posting websites, social media is also becoming a major part of the modern recruitment trends while gaining huge popularity amongst recruiters.

As a matter of fact, a study report reveals that around 94 percent of recruiters are either using or planning to make use of social media in their respective recruitment efforts.

LinkedIn is a famous portal for the job search process. In addition to this, other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also becoming thriving job posting portals.

Through the given platforms, employers and job seekers alike can search for the right prospects with just some clicks.

Utilization of Mobile Devices

In the modern era, the use of mobile devices has paved the way for major job search and recruitment trends. As per the modern recruiters, job searches made through mobile devices are now exceeding 1 billion on a monthly basis.

The given rate is going to increase in the coming years even more. This is because most job seekers in the modern era tend to be Gen Z and millennials.

As mobile phones tend to be handy, it becomes easier for both job seekers as well as recruiters to ensure the ease of checking emails.

However, you should search for mobile-friendly resume writing tools to ensure that your document is mobile-optimized.

How can You Keep Up with the Resume Trends?

Just like technology, modern recruitment and job search trends tend to change quite often. Therefore, your old resume might not be perfect for going through today’s competition. Here are some resume writing tips that can help you keep up with the trends:

Make Your Resume ATS-friendly

Career or job search in the modern era turns out to be highly challenging. This is because you are expected to deal with both human eyes as well as AI bots.

You should aim at composing an ATS-friendly resume while using relevant keywords strategically. Spread enough resume keywords throughout the document.

Switch to Skills-based Resume Writing Style

Instead of using the chronological format, you should aim at switching to the resume writing style based on your skills.

The given style focuses on skills that are transferable from different aspects of your experience with respect to the job for which you are applying. Here, you are expected to sell yourself as the perfect fit for the given job.

Upgrade the Creative Portfolio on Virtual Resume

You can make relevant use of the innovative virtual space for coming up with your perfect resume and allowing the recruiters to know about it as well.


Based on the latest resume writing trends, you can devise the right resume for your job application requirements. All the best!

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