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How to Safely Socialize on Campus to Still Get a True ‘College Experience’

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Like most people, you’re taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously, especially as we move closer to the cold and flu season.

Maybe you’re worried about your wellbeing, or maybe you’re worried about people who are more vulnerable. But you’re committed to doing the right thing – and that’s honorable.

But in this quest to do your part, you’ve already sacrificed a lot. You may have had to forgo high school prom and typical graduation.

Now, it’s time to go off to college, and you have no idea what that’s going to look like.

Well, you might be glad to know that there are ways to socialize on campus without putting yourself and others at risk.

In this post, we’re going to cover how to safely socialize on campus while still getting a true college experience. 

Secure Your Circle

If you’re dorming at college, look to connect with people who are following similar safety precautions as you are.

This group will become like your family. So when you’re out and about, you don’t have to worry about keeping a distance from them, and you don’t have to feel quite so isolated.

When you meet new people, talk about the cautions you’re taking and ask about theirs. This isn’t about judging anyone for their decisions.

Instead, it’s about finding a good match for you. If you were to get close to someone who doesn’t follow any precautions at all, you’re increasing your chances of getting and potentially spreading COVID-19.

Join Virtual Study Groups

Study groups offer a great way to socialize while getting your college work done, but with the risk of spreading COVID-19, they aren’t always a good idea.

Instead, consider joining or starting a virtual study group. You can get together on Zoom and study in your respective locations just as you would if you were sitting in the library together.

If you’re a guy looking to meet girls in college or if you’re a girl looking for a boyfriend, virtual study groups can get you that first introduction without pressure. 

Follow CDC Guidelines

All the typical rules still apply when you’re in college, so keep washing those hands. You’ll want to keep your mask on indoors and whenever you’re in close proximity to others (even outdoors).

Also, be sure to bring your hand sanitizer to class and wherever else you go. They may have hand sanitizer available, but it’s always best to keep it handy. 

Socially distancing means keeping a 6-foot distance from people who are outside of your inner circle. If you’re living in a dorm, this may include your closest friends in addition to your roommate.

Otherwise, this will mostly be limited to people in your household. 

Avoid Large Group Gatherings

Instead of hitting the bars or indoor parties, invite a few people from your circle over for drinks.

You can think up fun things to do for each night to keep things interesting, but your goal is to avoid anywhere you might find large group gatherings. 

Look for Outdoor Events

Experts have stressed that outdoor activities are drastically safer than indoor ones. So if you have a choice to attend a party at a sorority house or an outdoor bonfire, choose the latter. 

You’ll still want to follow all the socially distant guidelines, but you can enjoy a good college party that takes place outdoors.

The world has drastically changed in a short time, but we can still live our lives and make the best of it.

Follow the tips outlined here to get the most out of your college experience during the pandemic.

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