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How To Improve Your Grades in College

Written by CB Experts

It’s a new semester. Many of you are going back to campus after a much-needed break. Now, it’s time to get back to your studies. Make yourself a promise that this semester will be better than last, no matter what. How can you improve your grades at college, especially if you are having trouble?

Here are a few suggestions for improving your grades.

Take your learning seriously

You have to want to learn, be willing to tackle the difficult material, and put in the necessary time.

  • Turn off your TV
  • Put down your phone.
  • Get off of social media
  • Find a place where you can study and go there daily
  • Get enough sleep
  • Go to class, on time

Get organized

  • Have a place to write down and keep track of your daily assignments
  • Make a timeline of your due dates
  • Make sure you have all the materials you need
  • Manage your time. Balance studying with work and play

Learn how to cope when your grades are slipping

  • Go over completed assignments with your professor. Discuss what you could do differently and what your weaknesses and strengths are. Ask about doing extra credit.
  • Don’t be afraid to use outside resources and tutors.  There are a number of different online resources where you can get help on assignments 24/7
  • Visit your adviser. Review you study program and evaluate if it is too hard for you. Look at your schedule to see if you are taking the right course load and are spreading your classes out to work best for you. Taking the harder courses when you have the most energy is best.
  • Don’t give up. Your final grade does not come out until your final project or exam is done. If you do well, even in the end, it can affect you grades positively.

Study smarter

  • Take notes in class and while you read. Note-taking makes learning active, engages your mind, and helps with memorization.
  • Learn to review information in chucks. Don’t wait until the exam. Review materials at least once a week while it’s all still fresh in your mind, while you can still go back and ask for clarification from your instructor, and while the material is still manageable.
  • Study with others, especially those who are doing well. Others can encourage you in your course work and help you discuss and review as you go

Make a commitment to doing better in college. Improving your grades happens only when you make an effort. This may be the right time to look at your work with new eyes and get the appropriate help.

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