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Take an iPod or MP3 Player With You to College

Written by CB Experts

When you think of students walking around campus carrying books in their backpacks or sitting in the library pouring over their texts, you are picturing the PAST. Today students are more mobile and learning is faster paced. In addition, it is well-recognized that not all learning is visual. In fact, audio learners are now getting a leg up in their learning, and all learners are finding out how to multi-task with the help of MP3 Players.

A good learning tip is to think about your MP3 Player or your iPod as more than music repositories. Think about them as study help.

  • MP3 Players can download up to 5 audio books, more if you buy higher gigabyte players. Although audio books are expensive to download, the growth of audio material promises lower prices in the near future. Now you can drive to work, drive home for the weekend, work out, and even eat while listening to your reading assignments.


  • Companies that make educational materials are producing more digital content because they recognize that the MP3 Players may be what the calculator was to the slide rule. That means that you can also get your college texts downloaded, which can save time and offer opportunities to digest content for your classes.

  • Ask your professors if they are making resources available in MP3 form. Many are. That could mean you might get tutorial help or fill yourself in on a missed lecture. Apple Inc. has a service called iTunes U that lets professors post lecture for students to download for free.

  • There are even reviews and summaries of textbook chapters available in MP3 form. VangoNotes provides these now for students, and you might find them helpful in understanding difficult materials.

Use all the resources you have to get help and save time when you are in college. Sure your IPod or your MP3 are fun and cool, but they also provide another avenue for help in your reading, learning, and understanding. If you want to check out the newest IPods on the market, we recommend you visit Amazon for all of your back-to-college supplies. You can’t beat their inventory, prices and shipping rates!

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