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Choosing Between Online and Traditional College

Choosing Between Online and Traditional College

If you’re making the important to decision to further your education, you’ve already taken the first step. But deciding how exactly to go back to school can be a little difficult. It can be tough to choose between a four-year program, a certificate, an online program, among just a few options. If you are unsure of what it is that you want to accomplish, you need to figure that out first. Once you realize what it is that you want to gain from going back to school, it’s now time to decide how to do it. Check out the following differences between online and traditional schools, and determine which college opportunity is going to be the best for you.


Rejection Doesn't Have to be a Dirty Word

I can still recall the sting of my college rejections. After opening two in a row, I headed to our back porch and cried. I didn't open another response for days, and looked for any excuse to skip school. As the class salutatorian, everyone assumed I'd have no problem getting into whatever college I chose. Now my secret was out – I wasn't smart after all. I felt like a failure, and a phony.


Getting Organized for Winning College Applications

Are you feeling overwhelmed now that you have gathered together all of your applications and realize how much paperwork is involved in completing applications for ALL of the colleges you have decided to apply to? With multiple forms, numerous essays facing you, and those required deadlines in the not-so-distant future, it is no wonder that you are asking how is it possible to get all of this work done in so little time, especially during the first few months of a hectic senior year.


College Application Planning for Seniors

One of the most important goals for your senior year is to remain focused on your academics. You can not allow senioritis to creep in and ruin all of your hard work in your previous high school years.

Also you have to be aware of the many deadlines you must deal with as you start the college application process: testing deadlines, financial aid deadlines, scholarship deadlines, and, of course, application deadlines. This is a year where organization is critical.

Hopefully this timeline will help you keep track of the things you need to get done month by month!


The Importance of the High School Resume

Most high school students think a résumé is not needed until one graduates from college and is in the process of finding employment. This is far from the truth!  It is an essemtial part of your college application.


The SAT is a Game: Play it Well!

In a manner of speaking, the SAT is a game – it has a set of predefined rules and a small set of topics that show up again and again, waiting to be learned and beaten. Read this article to learn some general SAT strategies based on the "SAT as a game" approach.


Should I Take the SAT or the ACT?

You're ready to start the college admissions process and everyone is telling you that you have to take a standardized test. But there are two nationally recognized tests, the SAT and the ACT, and virtually all colleges accept either test. So how do you decide which test is best for you? We'll give you some guidance on how to decide which test is right for you to take.


How to Make the Most of Your College Visit

Would you ever buy a house by simply listening to other people's viewpoints about it, viewing it on a website, or seeing a photo of it in the newspaper or brochure? Of course you wouldn't!! Choosing a college is far too expensive a decision to make without personally examining the campus. You should not even apply to a college without first visiting the college and checking out all of its unique characteristics in person. You need to make sure that the college truly is everything you perceive it to be, and the only way you can do that is by getting a firsthand look.


Tricks and Inside Tips for Completing All Your Applications

You're a senior..finally. You've ordered your class rings high school seniors buy to commemorate their achievement and you're envisioning your senior prom outfit. BUT, WAIT! You have your college applications yet to do. Before you begin completing your college applications, it will help you to review the basic tips provided here to prevent application overload.


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