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5 Overlooked Dorm Room Essentials All College Students Need

Written by CB Community

You can take almost anything with you to college, but many students forget the most crucial items that will make their life away from home a lot easier.

To remedy this, here is a rundown of the most frequently overlooked gadgets and accessories that every college student needs to pack ahead of the next semester.

1. Good-Quality Headphones

In a college dorm, there is no getting over the fact that noise is going to be an issue. Not only will you need to deal with the disruption caused by other residents, but you will also need to factor in your own contribution to the collective cacophony caused in any student accommodation.

This is where investing in a pair of headphones from a reputable brand, preferably with noise-canceling capabilities onboard, will make a lot of sense.

There are lots of brands to consider, and you can get headphones and speakers by Bang and Olufsen, Sennheiser, Sony and Bose which will not only give you exceptional audio quality but will also be a practical addition to your dorm room arsenal, blocking out the sounds of college life and helping you study.

2. Footwear for Showering

Unless you are lucky enough to have a room with an en suite bathroom, you will probably be using shared shower facilities with potentially hundreds of other people.

This comes with all sorts of complications, but the main accessory you will need to avoid leaving the shower feeling filthier than when you arrived is some suitable footwear.

There are all sorts of shower shoes to consider, with slip-on varieties from brands like Adidas arguably offering the most convenience and comfort.

3. A Basic Toolkit

While you will not need to become a handyman overnight when arriving at college, it is still worth bringing along a compact toolkit that includes all of the basic items you will need for straightforward DIY and repairs.

At the very least opt for a kit that includes a screwdriver with changeable bits, a socket wrench and a set of Alan keys. Replacing fittings, tightening screws on furniture and carrying out all sorts of other minor maintenance will become second nature.

4. A First Aid Kit

If a toolkit will help you fix objects in your dorm room, a first aid kit will let you fix yourself up. College students can expect to encounter all sorts of small but potentially frustrating health issues.

From cuts and scrapes caused on a night out to colds and flus contracted over the course of the semester, a first aid kit will give you the means to look after yourself without needing to venture outside when you might not be feeling up to it.

5. Tupperware

Last of all, adding a few Tupperware boxes to your dorm room will be a godsend.

In those situations where you have a half-finished meal sitting on your desk that you do not want to go to waste, or some groceries that you want to keep in the communal fridge without there being any doubt as to who they belong to, Tupperware comes in handy.

You can of course tweak your own dorm room inventory to reflect your needs, but these essentials are a good starting point.

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