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A To-Do List for Going to College

Written by CB Experts

It’s never too early to get ready for a big transition like going off to college. It’s the end of July so there’s time for it all, right? Not really; you have about three weeks left, and there is so much to do. Here are some practical things to think about as we move into August and get closer and closer to your departure date.

  • Now is the time to introduce yourself to your roommate. Pick up the phone, write an email, text—anything to make contact. It’s best to start the process of getting to know the person you’re sharing a room with for a school year, and there is lot to plan for your room and moving in.
  • Check dorm rules. They will tell you what you can and can not bring so you can make a better packing list.
  • Check your wireless plan and make sure you will have enough minutes for calls home and the best internet connection.
  • As you plan your packing, considering buying things near your dorm. It’s easier to buy and have delivered things like your small refrigerator or reading chair, and you may want to be with your roommate to pick out linens and curtains. Check to make sure there are box discount stores at hand.
  • Start looking for back-to-school sales. Books, computers and touch pads, not to mention general school supplies are often on sale starting. Take advantage with timely planning.
  • Assemble well-needed kits now. You should have some basic tools to hang things and repair; duct tape is always a must-have. You should also have a medical kit for minor injuries, and you need essentials like flip flops for the showers, laundry detergent and quarters for washing, and power strips and extension cords for your technology and entertainment.

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