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How to Choose a Roommate Your First Year in College

Written by CB Experts

Your roommate can actually shape a lot of your college experience, but to find someone you like and even someone you might become a life-long friend to can be difficult. It used to be as a college freshman your roommate was a stranger chosen by the college whom you met your first day on campus. But, with social media today you can “get to know” your future roommate before you move in and make it permanent.

Here are some ways to start a conversation with a potential roommate and learn about him/her before you begin to share space on the first day of the rest of your life:

Questions to see what your roommate might be like:

• How do you study and where?
• Do you like to have guests or sleepovers?
• What are your hobbies?
• What kind of room décor do you picture for our dorm assignment?
• What temperature do you like for the room?

Questions to ask to look into the soul of your roommate to evaluate what kind of fit you might be:


• What is your favorite meal?
• How do you get over a failure or stress?
• What do you like to do if you’re having a bad day?
• Why are you attending college and what are your goals?
• Do you like a lot of conversation or are you quiet?

Sharing living quarters in college is hard, especially when you are adjusting to many new things in your life. It will never be completely smooth going. But, the best way to live with someone else is by communicating openly–asking questions and talking out issues. It is also good to be kind and understanding. It may make you a friend, even a special friend.

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