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Advice for College Freshmen

Written by CB Experts

It’s totally new! The fall of your first year in college can be a huge adjustment. To make the most of your college experience you have to take some steps on your own.

Here is some advice for college freshmen to help make their new college community a home.

Walk the Campus – Start by downloading the campus map to your phone. Now walk around to find out where the important spots are: the police station, the medical center, the bookstore, the library, your advisor’s office, the recreational center, the computer center, and, most importantly, where to buy a good cup of coffee or get a snack.
Reach out – On a campus of thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, not everyone will come to you. You should introduce yourself to the people both in your dorm and in your classes. You can always start by asking a question or asking for help.
Be Visible in Class – It’s okay to talk to your professors. Start a conversation with them about class or assigned readings or homework, and introduce yourself. Then you will be known and feel more comfortable asking for help if you need it. Also speak up in class by answering and asking questions. There are times participation can help grades.

The more you get to know and interact with your college community, the better you will be able to negotiate it and the more you’ll feel like you belong.

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