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Americans Can Get A free Education…Abroad

Written by CB Experts

American college costs have only continued to rise. Now a college education is almost unaffordable, even for middle class families. Tuition fees discourage many from even getting a college education, especially those who are not from an academic background or who have low incomes.

Germany is one country that recognizes these problems and has developed policy that allows all young adults to study for a college degree and do so at quality colleges. How? All German universities are tuition-free. Germany also welcomes English-speaking students. In fact, 900 undergraduate and graduate programs are offered exclusively in English, and those degrees cover a broad spectrum from engineering to social science. You don’t even need to formally apply to get into some degree programs.

Germany is not the only country where Americans can go to gate a free college education. Here are some others.
• Finland – many programs in English, free tuition, you must pay for all your living expenses
• Norway – no tuition for international students, many programs in English, living costs are expensive
• Slovenia – 150 degree programs in English, only a small registration fee
• France – although undergraduate programs can be expensive, graduate courses are designed for English speakers, tuition is low or based on parents’ incomes, maximum tuition fees are 14,000 per year

With rising tuition costs, traveling to Europe and paying to live there while in college is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of an undergraduate or graduate degree in the United States.

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