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Can I Save College Tuition Money?

Written by CB Experts

Yes! The answer is yes. Of course there are the more typical ways of saving on college costs: stay at home and save dorm fees, graduate early by taking courses in the summer and intensive courses during May terms and holiday breaks, go to a non-tuition school, go to a less expensive community college for your first two years before declaring a major, and stay in-state for lowered in-state tuition.

Here are a few more ideas.

1. Shorten your college program by earning credits in high school

Take AP courses, pass the tests, and earn college credit. There are more ways to earn college credits in high school as well. You can take college classes locally in the summer or during the high school year, earn the credits, and transfer them to the college you are admitted to after high school. Also, once in college ask your college adviser about tests to opt out of classes. If you pass these test you may not have to take certain general requirements.

2. Become an RA

Resident Advisers have free room and board for the year in return for supervising a college dorm wing.

3. Find work study jobs

Fill out your FAFSA and be eligible for work on campus. The pay is good, doesn’t have to be repaid like a loan, and has hours made for students. You don’t have to commute off-campus either.

4. Find jobs that offer tuition reimbursement

Most of these jobs are full time, but some part time jobs, like at Starbucks, will help with college tuition costs. Some jobs may also help you pay for college if you commit to working for them after college graduation.

5. Keep applying for scholarships

Scholarships do not just go out to graduating high school seniors. You can apply for scholarships all the time and each year. Scholarships are not always based on academic performance but can be based on geography, special interests, even college majors. There are a number of resources to help you find scholarships that you’re eligible for. Be sure to take advantage of them!

6. Never borrow more in student loans than you need

For all the money you borrow you accumulate interest debt, even on government loans. Think about reducing your living, book, and tech expenses to keep your borrowing down.

Good luck! Think smart for your four years in college and save money!

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