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Questions to Ask About Taking the SAT and the ACT

Written by CB Experts

Most colleges, although not all, require applicants to submit scores from either the SAT or the ACT along with their high school grades, teacher recommendations, and transcripts. There are many things you should ask before you take one of these college admission tests. Here are a few key questions to ask when prepping for your admission tests.

When should I take a college admission test?

The answer is as soon as you can. Take the SAT or the ACT early. Then you will have time to retake the test if you need to improve your scores. The second time around is always easier because you know what to expect and you have extra prep time.

Which test should I take?

Each test has some differences. The best idea would be to take a practice exam for each. The one you score the best on should be the one you plan to take. You can learn more about each test and which one may be right for you here.

How should I prepare for the test?

Either test takes some preparation. You could consider taking a test prep course. If you don’t think you would do well in a class, consider getting one-on-one tutoring. Teachers can help with your essay and with science and math problems. Also, there are many online sources for both practice tests and tutorials.

Which test will give me the best writing score?

If you worry about your writing ability, which test you take could affect your score. The SAT has a 50-minute writing section that asks you to analyze a passage and write about it. The ACT has a 40 minute writing section which has you argue a position. Do you need longer to write? Are you better arguing or analyzing?

The best advice is to take some time to prepare. Do not go into the test cold. Your practice should simulate the test environment, including timing yourself. It is also wise to take demanding high school courses. The more writing, math, and science you do, the better you will score on the SAT and the ACT.

We wish you good luck!

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