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Written by CB Experts

We are digital now! And, digital tools can improve the “needle in the haystack” search for the right college for you.

How? Digital apps are more complete and offer more choices to you. They ask lots of questions and make better matches. For example, weather preferences can now be a factor in helping you find the right college fit. Also, these apps can supply better comparisons and predict chances for admission.

Here are some college search apps you might want to explore.

Naviance – has lots of college and career plan tools and will help you figure out your possibility for admission based on your grades and test scores. Unfortunately, Naviance is only available to you if your high school subscribes to it.

Admit See – for a monthly subscription, offers advice from students already enrolled at a college about how the college might meet your needs.

Niche – posts college reviews and rankings. Remember these sites may be open to spam and not always reliable, but they do offer peer input.

Parchment – asks for your transcript, test scores, and credentials to figure your admission odds. It is also very transparent about its accuracy in predicting.

Big Future – links student interests or career goals to colleges.

Admittedly – a recently new site, looks for detailed interests and personal traits by quizzing you and then list colleges that meet those interests, like skiing or shopping.

The College Fair – asks both personal and academic questions of you. Then it has Netflix-like algorithms to match you to your perfect college. The site also has quirky top ten lists, like the top ten places where professors will know you name.

Of course, more choices might also cause you more confusion. And, it’s always best to consider other input: from parents, friends, and guidance staff. But, isn’t it better to make as informed a decision as possible?

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