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For College Applicants Affected by Disasters like Hurricanes

Written by CB Experts

Please calm yourselves if you were affected by Harvey or Irma, etc. Already colleges and testers are making exceptions for students and schools affected by recent hurricanes, and they do so for all college applicants who are, have been, or will be affected by disasters.

Here is help negotiating some important areas of college application when an applicant is experiencing crisis.

Testing – Some ACT and SAT tests were cancelled. Already plans for makeup testing are underway. Go to the College Board website and the ACT website for updates. Both testers are preparing for all students to have a chance to take the test and for rushing scores out to colleges.

College Admissions – Be aware that if you have uploaded information on the Common Application it is digital and will be saved even if you have lost your computer or paperwork. The same is true for school records so test scores and grades are still there for you. It is a good idea to contact colleges where you are applying to make sure they know you have been affected by a natural disaster. They will work with you to adjust deadlines and can help you in general through the process.

Financial Aid – FAFSA information can be retrieved if you have already started entering data. Also the federal government is easing financial aid rules and procedures. Remember, any change in financial circumstances will change the amount of aid you may receive, and you can update your application up till the deadline.

Be sure to talk with your school counselors and with the admissions office where you are applying. They can help you with questions. Also, consider choices of colleges again. You may need to locate to a place that feels comfortable and safe to you after suffering through a disaster, not a place that will add more stress before you and your family have recovered.

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