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The Benefits of Comics in Student Learning

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No matter your age or background, everyone enjoys a good comic book story now and then. Making comics yourself can be a fun and easy exercise, and if you are a college student who is interested in becoming a teachers one day, you may find comics incredibly useful for education purposes.

Comics have to ability to reach and entertain people of any age. Because of this, teachers may find them to be a useful tool in the classroom. They can replace, or work in conjunction with the software tools that have been introduced in education in recent years. By definition, comics are graphic novels that incorporate both text and images to pass information to learners. In the visual society we live in today, students are more attracted to visual media than traditional textbooks.

Comics in the classroom are great because they will not only change how students write, but also change how students feel about writing. Educational comics have numerous benefits in the education sector. Read on for some reasons why to incorporate them into the classroom.

1. They help build the students self-esteem

One of the most significant problems that colleges have had for decades is the diminishing self-esteem of students who are not good at reading. When it comes to reading passages in class, these students have a huge problem. As a result, they tend to avoid reading thoroughly and act shy in fear that the other students will notice. These events can even discourage them from wanting to read on their own. With graphic novels, teachers can continue to promote literacy among learners in new and innovative ways. While ESL picture books are out of the question because they are deemed unnecessary and embarrassing, lower reading levels in comics are acceptable and give pupils the confidence to read more. They also have the added bonus of helping sharpen the students’ language and reading skills.

2. Allows parents to participate in the learning process

Most parents do not know how they can be more involved in their child’s education. Higher education is not easy for students and can put a strain on the parents as well. Sometimes students are too stressed and overworked with their assignments, they are unable to even attend their scheduled class time and lectures. There are many services available to students to help with this issue, you also can check review to ensure that such services would be a good fit for you. It can help you to save more time to spend on other subjects or extracurricular activities.

3. You can also use wordless picture comics

In the same case, there are wordless comics that can be used in schools. These have a plethora of educational benefits for students which include, imagination, sequencing, storytelling, critical thinking, and creativity. Each time they look at the book, it will tell a completely different story with different meanings. Pictures with no defining words create a blank slate that your student can shape with their imagination and some materials they have learned in class.

4. Perfect for students with disabilities

On the “Why Should I Let My Child Read Comics?” panel, librarians and educators agreed that comics are a great learning material for students with disabilities. For instance, children that have autism can identify with most of the emotions displayed by the images in graphic novels. For kids with dyslexia, these books are great because they will not be as frustrated when it comes to reading and understanding as they would feel with traditional books. They will feel a sense of accomplishment which is vital in building their self-esteem. They will be led to want to read and learn more because it will be easier for them to do so.

5. Inexpensive for all schools

The best thing about comics is that they are perfect for all schools regardless of their financial constraints. Today, well-off schools are purchasing software that costs more than $19.95 for a single license. For those schools that cannot afford this amount, students may feel that they are not getting the best possible education. Compared to these prices, Comic Life is a bargain, and the costs of labs are affordable for all schools. This way, students can still enjoy an excellent education and absorb as much information as possible without spending too much. With lesser costs, it will also be easier to get parents to chip in and support school programs.

6. Inspires creativity

Today, employers are looking for workers that will bring their personality into their job performance. Therefore, graduates need to learn strategies on how to think outside the box. This will make them more competitive and valuable within their respective industries. Students will find creative explanations to answer questions asked on lessons. These graphic novels are a great tool to enhance the creativity of students. They inspire parents, teachers, and students to approach education in a different light.

7. Easy to learn

Research has shown that students today have a concentration span of about 20 minutes. This is not enough time to impart anything using traditional learning methods. It takes a short amount of time to learn the basics of Comic Life, and teachers are able to add their images and words to their books. They can also easily get videos from YouTube and clips online that will make each learning session unique and fun. Students will have just as much fun creating mind maps from what they have learned in class. The new images will help build up the concentration span and make students understand more what they learn. They also allow students to do better in their exams because their memory retention also improves.

Comics and graphic novels have the ability to vastly improve the quality of work and the attention spans of students now more than ever. These creative and innovative teaching styles not only help the student in the classroom, but during exams, and in their eventual careers as well!

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