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A Definitive Guide to GRE Exams

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A Graduate Record Exam, popularly known as GRE, is an exam for pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. Prospective students from all across the globe take this general test.

The exam is often taken as an available standard by renowned universities and colleges for comparing the qualifications of the potential students.

GRE scores find their usage for supplementing the records of the candidates. These include the recommendation letters, undergraduate certifications, graduate-level studies.

All these documents combine well to act as an entrance packet for the candidate through admission officials.

As a student, you need to apply for the exam across different graduate fields, including business sometimes. Although most business schools accept GMAT, some still accept it as their admission requirements part.

Based on your location, you need to pay a test fee of $205-$225, which you can pay through debit or credit card.

What are the Benefits of Appearing for the Test?

Are you eyeing a professional business degree?

If yes, you’ll be glad to know that business school students are getting into top-notch business schools- all thanks to GRE scores.

With diverse testing options available for you, it is vital to know the best test for yourself. Yes, each quiz comes with its features.

If the exam is on your list, then knowing some benefits of the exam holds the most important to you. Some of which are:

The Test Gives You a World of Options

The best business schools view the same as equivalent to other graduate admission tests.

GRE provides the schools with excellent resources for skill assessment that a student needs for success in an MBA or other master’s degree program.

The syllabi for the test include Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

GRE Scores Find Acceptance at Business and Graduate Schools

Graduate Record Exam is one competitive test that gives you the option of applying to a top-ranked program from a renowned business school.

Another benefit is that you can appear for the test at your convenience, preview the questions and skip the ones for a later attempt.

You can feel at ease with GRE and achieve the best scores you’re eyeing on the final day.

Test Scores Personalization

After taking the exam, the students get to decide which business schools will see their results. If you feel you didn’t perform well, you don’t need to send your scores.

You can always retake the test with the General Test and send the results only to the school of your dreams.

Also, know that your scores are valid for five years.

How to Prepare for the Exam

It is vital to note that studying for a GRE Exam should be taken pretty seriously. The test requires careful preparation, calm test taker, better focus and enthusiasm

After all, it is all about proving your qualifications while appearing for the exam.

Now that you’re wondering how to study for the GRE, the academic experts recommend following a fixed schedule to stay on track. Adjust your timeline in a manner that provides you less or more time. The time you think of devoting depends upon your experience level with the exam topics.

A study tracks that can work to attain desired results are:

Register for the Test

The very step for people planning to attend a graduate school includes registering themselves for the exam. You can always research on the official website.

You first need to create a GRE account for yourself, which you will use later for viewing the test scores.

Take a Mock Test

A mock test can help you in the easy evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. Doing this ahead of your study plan can make you aware of the improvement areas.

Exam and computer format familiarity are other benefits.

With a practice test, you tend to evolve as a confident person and will not need to scratch your head while using the testing software.

Opt for a Preparation Class or Hire a Tutor

If preparatory classes or tutor hiring interests you, sign up early to prepare enough time.

Students can experience the test time limits, get familiar with the types of questions and evaluate improvement areas.

You can find tutors online or inquire at a local university or college.

Begin with Quantitative Reasoning

The GRE is usually years away from the high school mathematics exam. GRE lays considerable importance to the primary maths principles.

These account for assessments’ quantitative portions. Thus, students should brush up on their algebra and geometrical concepts.

Initiate Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning

Now that you have a hand on the Quantitative Reasoning portion of the test, begin with verbal and writing pieces.

All you have to do is take a timed test of the entire verbal section and calculate the estimated time for answering the questions.

Aptly review the suffixes, prefixes, word roots, and vague expressions. These will aid you in eliminating the incorrect answers for reaching out to the final correct answer.

You can also consider reading scholarly articles and newspapers for active test preparation.

Research for Additional Resources:

Students consider approaching different materials for diversifying their subject knowledge. With these, they tend to attain a varied understanding of the subject.

Some resources may be sample tests, workbooks, institutional notes, math reviews, webinars, and instructional videos.

These tend to boost the student’s confidence and make them familiar with the exam and essential components.

Go for Another Practice Exam

Now that you’ve spent considerable time studying and practicing, a mock test will help you gauge your improvements.

The practice test time will enable the students to return to the challenging times during the preparation phase.

Additional practice, one-on-one tutoring, prep classes work wonders in evaluating weaknesses.

Mock tests also enable the students to complete all the questions within the time constraints.

Appear for the Exam

The week before the test enables you to brush up on all your concepts.

Experts recommend not studying before the test to give your brain a rest.

Prepare well so that you can walk into the exam center with utmost confidence.

After the Test

Students who opt-in for computer-delivered tests have the ease of viewing Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning unofficial test results at the center itself.

The Analytical Writing test, however, doesn’t show results spontaneously.

You can retake the test in 21 days within 12-months. Know that the official scores hold validity for 10 to 15 days, and the scores for five years after the student appears for the test.

Now that you know what the test is all about and what it takes to get through the exam with flying colors.


Pat yourself with learning all the GRE basics. It’s time to try your best with the GRE-level practice.


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