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Going The Distance: Tips To Help College Couples Last Long Term

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Did you know that only 28 percent of college students end up marrying their college sweethearts?

A study conducted by Facebook Data Sciences has debunked several myths about college relationships, including the overriding thought that they are often unsuccessful.

With many stories of successful and heartwarming college relationships, there is proof out there that it is possible to have a long-term future with your college sweetheart- if you are willing to put in the work.

From being up for life’s adventures to tackling the hurdles of long-distance relationships, here are a few common threads for college couples in the long haul.

Learn The Art Of Communication For Different Life Stages

Your communication style in college will not be as effective as when you have graduated and are well into your career.

The reality is that your priorities will change as you go through college and after-, as will your partner’s. You need to be prepared for this.

More importantly, both you and your college sweetheart need to be equipped to deal with these times in a healthy way, including knowing how to communicate.

The good news is that there are great exercises to improve your communication skills in a relationship, including learning the art of compromise and validating your partner’s feelings.

Focus On The Future Together

Discuss your plans for the future. For any relationship to thrive, partners must be on the same page when it comes to their future.

For a sense of teamwork and commitment, you and your college sweetheart could make a list of future goals you want to accomplish together or individually. It does not have to be the traditional 5-year list either.

Don’t be afraid to make a list for the next year or even next semester. Lastly, avoid making it a heavy debate or conversation. Gauge where your relationship is before broaching the future, and do not force it.

It may be a simple chat about your career aspirations after leaving college, your idea of the perfect proposal jewelry and setting, or where you would like to get married.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Some college sweethearts don’t attend the same college as their college sweethearts. They can meet each other at a college party, off-campus job, or night out with a college roommate.

Even after graduation or during long summer breaks, you may find yourselves separated and having to navigate a long-distance relationship. This is where technology comes in handy.

To keep the spark alive and lines of communication open, utilize video calls and messaging when you are apart.

Technology can be great for dating. According to Natalie Bazarova of Cornell University, “It appears that long-distance partners can engage in more partner idealization and enhanced levels of self-disclosure, which can result in even greater levels of intimacy and satisfaction than geographically close partners.”

However, don’t feel pressured to rush things. Take the time to learn about each other and yourselves.

Remember that college is not only a time for academic exploration but also for self-exploration.

Knowing yourself better can only help to make your relationship better!

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