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Importance of Medical Screening Before Attending College

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There’s no running away from the fact that mental health continues to be highly stigmatized despite much awareness. The reason why people shy away from discussing a mental illness is because of social taboos and ostracization.

Especially at a time when many people have finally got the courage to talk about their issues, health experts are requesting people from all walks of life to come forward and vocalize their opinion.

The shocking thing to note about mental health is that young people are at the receiving end of the damage. There is enough evidence that proves that mental illnesses affect teenagers and young children as well.

Not to forget, entering college and adapting to a new life is challenging. Unlike schools where you get to study with the same people for a long time, a college is a different place for everyone.

You will come across people from different races, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and a lot more.

When one settles for such a quick change in life, there is a strong chance that the change might not be positive. Especially for students who are introverts and don’t have hands-on experience of blending with new students, coming across new people can be tough.

Especially now that the educational standards have been changed, it has become imperative for college students to go through mental screening.

This is because mental illness can become a major stumbling block for the students when they’re grappling with new concepts.

Why is Mental Screening Important Before Going to College?

In simple words, it is the need of the hour. Because mental screening can identify several mental disorders in a young individual, it is best for students to take it.

This screening is aimed at evaluating the emotional wellbeing of an individual. Through this, health experts can find out if an individual is already suffering from a mental health disorder.

If this screening is not performed and the students enroll in the college, they will eventually ruin their academic careers. Many young people are already depressed when they aren’t happy with their high school results.

This is why experts suggest they take some months off from their studies and engage with themselves.

Secondly, if you have reservations about the mental health screening sessions, you can go through them online. How to determine if they are reliable is what you can learn from the student’s review online.

Around 95% of college counselors have claimed that the number of students suffering from psychological problems increases exponentially. This has become a growing concern in college campuses because they have to cater to such issues every day.

For this, experts believe there are plenty of reasons.

At the top is anxiety, which is a major concern amongst 41.6% of the mentally unstable kids. This is followed by depression that is rampantly thriving across the globe. Around 36.4% of such children cannot even articulate the issues they have.

Luckily, today, there are ways through which mental health issues can be brought under control. Some of them are:

Visit a Psychologist

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a mental illness is to visit a psychologist.

Especially if you want to stay discreet about undergoing medical screening, there’s nothing better than visiting a person who will keep your identity discreet.

Psychologists are professionals who have hands-on experience in treating people with mental health diseases.

If you are skeptical about a certain mental illness, a visit to the psychologist will be of great help. They will help you in not only identifying the issue but also getting the right treatment for it on time.

Practice Meditation and Yoga

If you sift through the web, you will find enough evidence that proves the benefits of meditation and yoga for mental health.

Keep in mind, that peace comes from within, so as soon as you master the art of believing in yourself and reflecting on the energy inside, it will become easier for you to get rid of a prospective mental health condition.

Especially if you haven’t practiced yoga before, incorporating it into your routine will prove itself as a breath of fresh air. As you begin to feel different every day, it will be the beginning of a new journey in your life.


Even if you find these two difficult options, it is best for you to go through the medical screening. If you continue to overlook it, you might get in trouble in the long run.

Keep in mind, many students have to drop off from college when they engage in mental health issues.

However, when an early diagnosis is in place, it helps young people to save their time and money. 

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