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Study Habits for College

Written by CB Experts

College calls for lots of reading and studying. That transition can be easier if you develop good study habits before landing on campus.

Here are a few tips for better study habits at college.

Plan Study Time – Yes, you will need time to read, write, research, and study. You should plan an hour or two for each course beyond your class time. Schedule this time each week before planning for other things.

Use a Planner – Yes, you will have a syllabus for each course, but you need to put it all together to better plan your time. Block out all assignments and exams for all your courses in your planner. Work backwards from due dates and note when things cluster together so you can stretch things out to avoid too much to do at once. Don’t forget to provide enough time for extra help if you need it before your due dates. Block out enough study time before planning other things.

Always Know Where You Can Get Help – Notice the heading does not indicate extra help. Everyone needs help, even if it’s only a leg up here and there. This is especially important as you transition from high school to college or from core courses to courses in your major. Never wait until it’s too late. Rather be in the habit of reaching out for study help and asking questions for clarification. Introduce yourself early to your professors and ask for study tips. Learn about tutoring and support services on your campus and visit them to see what is offered.

Be Aware of Your Study Habits – When are you most alert? What is the best place for you to concentrate? Which courses are harder for you? What helps you to study: visuals, audio, with a partner, or alone? Do you need breaks? Try to be aware of how to plan the time and place you work on your courses.

Stay Healthy – Get sleep; don’t pull all-nighters. Eat right, and plan some kind of regular exercise that you can develop a habit around.

College is a life change for you. You will need to develop your own study schedule around what is best for you to keep your grades up. Once you plan for these things, you can go out and have some fun.

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