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6 Top Reasons to Study in Tokyo

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Tokyo is frequently voted as one of the top two cities to study worldwide, and once you read this article you’ll understand why.

It is a city brimming with innovation and technology and yet it has a deep-rooted attachment to thousands of years of heritage and cultural traditions.

If you’re uncertain about where you should go to study, then look no further than the city of neon lights. Tokyo has something charmingly unique to offer everyone who goes there, particularly those who go there to study.

Studying in Tokyo will open up a world of exciting opportunities, and you could be lucky enough to intern there too!

This year is the perfect year for interning, and you can still fit night classes into your schedule.

Below are the top six reasons why you need to study in Tokyo, you simply cannot go wrong with this magical metropolis.

1. Unique Culture

Tokyo’s unique and vibrant culture is reflected in its traditional arts. These arts include flower arranging, paper folding, and woodblock printing.

With Shinto and Buddhism as the primary religions of Japan, Tokyo’s culture is ancient and filled with rites and family-honoring traditions.

Japan’s history has often been characterized by expansionism, which has evolved massively over the years to become a one-of-kind culture, art, and food destination for students all over the world.

2. Welcoming Local People

Tokyo is a friendly and welcoming city, steeped in its rich history and tradition. People are always amazed at how courteous and gracious the local people are.

There are a few unspoken rules on how to conduct yourself in public, which are unique to Japan itself and not just Tokyo – like to never blow your nose in public.

If you want to impress the locals, learn how to use chopsticks properly and some basic conversational Japanese – you’ll be sure to make friends that way. You can share study tips with your new friends.

3. Yukata Day

Yukata Day is celebrated annually in Japan and aims to provide students with a first-hand experience of traditional Japanese clothing. Students are encouraged to participate, and everyone ends up having the best time.

Brush up on your knowledge of the most recognizable piece of Japanese clothing, the Kimono, that will help you submerge yourself in Tokyo’s traditions and attire.

4. Overseas Internships

Overseas internships, particularly Beyond Academy’s internships in Tokyo, encourage cross-cultural skills and sensitivity – something we could all use more of in the modern world.

You’ll be working with local employees, which will give you a unique opportunity to learn how to communicate.

Be prepared to experience a culture shock as different cultures have different approaches to dealing with situations.

These varying work styles and ethics make the internship a profound and enlightening experience.

5. Career-Building Opportunities

Internships should be a pivotal moment in every student’s life. They are your first encounter with the professional working environment and will give you your first taste of deadline pressure.

Internships can often define the rest of your professional career or, at the very least, give you an excellent starting point.

Internships in Tokyo help you to get out of your comfort zone and experience life while you are still young and full of energy.

6. High Standard Of Living

Tokyo is considered one of the most modern and exuberant cities in the whole world. It makes the most appealing choice for a young student eager to leave the nest and explore life.

This beautiful city will spoil you with food choices because Tokyo has more restaurants than you could ever even visit in a single lifetime.

Although this city has a fairly high cost of living, it more than makes up for it in thrilling adventures and opportunities aplenty!

It is a relatively green city, all things considered, with many areas covered by parks and forests.

Tokyo is also one of the safest cities on Earth, so what more reason could you need to apply to go there?


Tokyo is the Japanese center of trade, industry, and education. It is the fifth-largest financial center worldwide, and it will make the perfect place for your study experience abroad.

Much like any other metropolitan city, Tokyo has everything you could ever need right there in the city.

With a population of around 35 million, Tokyo is a great place to meet people and make lifelong friends.

This city has a subtropical climate so expect some humid days mixed in with the sunny ones.

Studying in a city like this one is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime – so if you have the opportunity to do so, then you should grab it with both hands!

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